Fixing Our Windshield

Windshield Broken High Resolution Stock Photography and Images - Alamy

I was outside working on my book when the man came to replace Patty’s windshield. He’s busy at it now. I had to come back in because of the mosquitoes.

*Sigh* All this stuff to do, and it’s already 3:15. No way I’ve got time to cover any more nooze today.

We had enough money saved up to pay for this, although we would have liked just to keep it in our savings account.

Let’s try to get in one more blog post while the man is working.

4 comments on “Fixing Our Windshield

  1. Your comment about having the money in the bank reminded me of something: Once when I was bemoaning the fact that something had cost me so much money, an employee of my building told me, “Be thankful that you have enough money to pay for it.” He didn’t say it in bitterness (i.e., implying that he wouldn’t have had the money), but to remind me to be grateful to the Lord. He was right, too.

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