It’s Not a Joke

guy falls out of a tree - YouTube

I heard my wife on the phone with our insurance agent, saying, “A nut fell out of a tree and broke my windshield.”

“So this nut climbs up a tree and falls…”

“Was he hurt?”

We had a storm the other day, and we have black walnut trees with walnuts as big as baseballs. You don’t want to be under one when it falls. They’re all over the place, making footing very difficult. Anyhow, one of these black walnuts fell on Patty’s windshield and cracked it.

You have to say “black walnut” or it just sounds loopy. A nut fell out of the tree. Well, what was he doing up there?

We’re supposed to have more bad weather all week long, which is going to make it harder and harder for me to finish writing The Witch Box. At least I haven’t been beaned by a black walnut.

And it isn’t raining yet, so I’d better get out there and start writing.

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  1. Wow, I have been around black walnut trees all my life, but have never seen any of that size.

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