Totally Brand-New Idiocy! ‘Phrogging’

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I only heard of this for the first time yesterday: “phrogging,” the practice of sneaking or breaking into someone else’s home and hiding out there for some days without their knowing it.

It started out as an urban legend, then somebody made a movie out of it, and now jidrools are actually doing it. They call it “phrogging” because that “ph” instead of “f” is so computery! So urban, so hip! And also because they “hop from pad to pad.”

Often phroggers will film their adventures so they can be on social media. Master criminals don’t do that. But phools do.

Somehow Social Media encourages stupid people to do stupid things to get the admiration of other stupid people. Someday some phrogger is going to get shot by an irate or terrified homeowner.

That’ll make his “documentary” go viral.

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  1. Back in my day they called that squatting. I hate when they make up slang words to describe something when perfectly good words already exist.

    1. More like breaking and entering, or — quite literally — home invasion. I believe both are felonies.

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