‘China Bans… Winnie the Pooh?’ (2017)

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Go on, tell me the “Biden administration” (a euphemism) wouldn’t do this if they thought they could make it stick.

Not so long ago, Communist China banned Winnie the Pooh. Why?

China Bans… Winnie the Pooh?

Well, it seems Chinese bloggers were using cartoon characters to represent Party big shots–and in China it’s against the law to make fun of Party leaders! Wow, would Democrats ever go for that!

You won’t here any crowds in China chanting “F*** you, Comrade Xi!” You could wind up in a concentration camp getting your organs harvested while you’re still alive.

It was never technically against the law to make fun of President *Batteries Not Included–but you never saw them doing that on Saturday Night Live, did you?


5 comments on “‘China Bans… Winnie the Pooh?’ (2017)

    1. They’ve already begun calling mothers who raise objections at school boards “domestic terrorists.” And by “they” I mean the FBI and the whole DOJ.

    2. We very badly need to scrap the FBI and replace it with a real law enforcement agency–one that knows what’ll happen if they forget what their duty is.

  1. Has the whole thing gone downhill that badly since J. Edgar? Was it always this bad, or were we just not paying attention?

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