‘Memory Lane: Soldiers Path’ (2016)

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How I miss places like this!

I grew up next to a woods which is now gone, paved over by Democrats who then go on to prattle about how much they care for the environment… but I digress.

Memory Lane: Soldiers Path

Among the notable–and somewhat mystifying–features of our little forest was a path made of cinders, which we called Soldiers Path. Deep in the woods, past Hangman’s Tree (from which you could see Portugal, if you climbed all the way up), this cinder path started out from nowhere and finished up at nowhere. Time had swallowed up all traces of whatever two destinations the path had once linked together.

I’d like to know why I thought “Hessians” were giant insects–moths too big to fly. But I have since outgrown that belief.

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  1. Beautiful. We still have places like this here in Idaho, but for how long? More places are being gated and with signs discouraging entry. A lot of people have taken motor bikes and simply gone around, but for how long?

  2. When I first glanced at this picture, I thought it was the same picture I used for the cover of one of my books. Central Wisconsin has places like that.

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