Dog & Rooster Tag

Well, now you know why people keep stacks of wooden pallets in their back yards: so their dogs and chickens can chase each other round and round the pallets.

I love watching chickens run. Especially when they’re chasing dogs or people.

2 comments on “Dog & Rooster Tag

  1. Great video. I love to watch animals playing together. That video reminded me of my two dogs who wanted to play together.

    Sue had one leg on the bathroom sink for shaving purposes. I was sitting on the bathtub talking to her. Our 75lb mut, Leo, was sitting one step to her left, and Ernie was three steps to her right. Ernie began jumping around, wanting to play. Well, Leo took off in a hurry. It’s a real shame, between me and Sue, there wasn’t much room for Leo to squeeze through, and Sue’s other leg got in his way. Somehow Leo’s mouth was open, and wouldn’t you know it, his sharp teeth caught Sue’s leg, and there was blood! Sue began to scream, repeatedly, “I’m gonna kill you.” With his tail between his legs, he ripped up the carpet heading for a hiding place. Sue took off in hot pursuit, still yelling, as I sat on the tub and had a great time laughing.

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