Helzapoppin All Over Europe

Demonstrators shout slogans and light flares during a demonstration against measures to battle the coronavirus pandemic in Vienna, Austria, Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021. Thousands of protesters are expected to gather in Vienna after the Austrian government announced a nationwide lockdown to contain the quickly rising coronavirus infections in the country. Banner reads: ' Controls the border. Not your people'. (AP Photo/Florian Schroetter)

Vienna: protests against COVID restrictions

I won’t do a full nooze workup on this, not on a Sunday–but we should note that huge protests against COVID restrictions and state tyranny have broken out all over Europe this weekend–in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, and Croatia. In Rotterdam yesterday, Dutch police shot and killed several demonstrators.

The Associated Press (barf bag, please) blames “many far-right groups” for the protests. Nooze media–couldn’t you just heave? They never tell the truth. Not on purpose, at least.

When are the globalists going to understand that we don’t want their world government, we don’t want them, we don’t want “vaccines” brewed up by loons who’ve always said the world needs to be de-populated. Dudes, we don’t want you! Get your filthy hands off our countries!

The Lord Our God is putting this all together, but we can’t see the pattern yet.

The Judge of all the earth will surely do right.

And I don’t know where these villains expect to find a hiding-places.

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    1. Thank God there is some in the USA. I see almost no push back here in the Philippians.

  1. This really is good news.

    “The Lord Our God is putting this all together, but we can’t see the pattern yet.”

    During one very wearisome time in my life, I wrote out my thoughts about God working out events and occurrences. “we can’t see the pattern yet.”

    The Sculptor

    Marble from a mountaintop one day was hauled away.
    It came before a sculptor who with chisel carved that day.
    The form was very rough; you could not see what it would be.
    But from the cold, hard stone a figure soon you’d see.

    Emerging from that rock, painfully so slow,
    A foot and leg and other limbs soon began to grow.
    Grotesquely formed at first, hammered blow by blow,
    Upon that formless hunk of rock the sculptor’s hand moved slow.

    The form was growing daily; shortly it would show
    The patience and the skill so lovingly bestowed.
    His work was now completed, unveiled for all to see
    The beauty from the rock, now standing in front of me.

    This work he hoped would last much longer than the sea.
    But in his mind he knew that that could never be.
    Whatever man can make won’t last eternally.
    Marble, steel, or diamonds, dust again they’ll be.

    Another kind of sculptor, whose skills surpassed them all,
    Was working out some details on a small celestial ball.
    He took much hope and care and placed it on the ground,
    And lovingly attended each trait that did abound.

    But one poor, wretched soul caught His watchful eye.
    He’d need to send some rain from His lightning-studded sky.
    And so a rough, cold wind was sent across his path.
    He’d need to languish in a prison, but that would soon be past.

    His love was not full in bloom, a dry spell must soon be.
    And from the western sky came heat and humidity.
    It seemed to wilt his entire soul, but compassion it did bring.
    So because of Thee, all-knowing One, he learned to cry and sing.

    Dashed hopes and plans did soon arrive; they came in day by day.
    But soon, because of that, he learned to laugh and pray.
    Wisdom, grace, and patience must now begin to grow.
    And so into his stressful life children then did flow.

    Trials, hurts, and problems were sprinkled here and there.
    He needed faith and trust…he really had his share.
    Mercy, peace, and tenderness you cannot live without.
    Hence He sent a lot of grief so those in time would sprout.

    Hope and loving kindness were something he would need.
    Along came pain and agony, to force him to his knees.
    Hardship, pain, and trials were used to change his ways.
    The life that now was formed would last eternal days.
    The sculptor’s work was thus all done; his life was now replete.

    – “The Path Life Takes” –

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