‘A Day in the Fall, Long Ago’ (2016)

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There’s not much left of this year’s autumn, so let’s enjoy it while we can.

Before we stack it on the memory shelf with long-past autumns that we thoroughly enjoyed.

A Day in the Fall, Long Ago

True, our high school football team was astoundingly bad, most years; but we enjoyed the games anyway. And kids and dogs dove into piles of raked leaves.

And no leaf-blowers. They hadn’t been invented yet.


2 comments on “‘A Day in the Fall, Long Ago’ (2016)

  1. Nostalgia is a nice place to visit but we can’t live there. We who grew up in the 1950’s had an amazing opportunity for a civilized life. Where I lived you never heard of children being kidnapped, raped and murdered. You didn’t hear about a crazed young man running his large vehicle through a Christmas parade consisting of little children. Today they are just common news items.

    1. The point of revisiting the past is that it **proves** that there are better ways of doing things than the way we’re doing them now.

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