‘Dreadful Gifts’ (2016)

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They had “The Winter Festival” in our town yesterday–it’s great: they draw thousands of people downtown, but don’t allow them any parking space–and it made me think of “dreadful gifts.”

Dreadful Gifts

Take Christ out of Christmas and what you have left is just a big fat commercial that lasts a whole month, at least.

Symbolic! Read, traditional Christmas candy has not appeared in any of the stores in my area. All there is, is chocolate. They just change the wrappers–same chocolate candy you can buy every day, all year round, but in Extra-Special! red and green foil!

In the 1970s it would’ve been Santa in a bright red leisure suit.

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  1. Hey, waitaminnit — Are you suggesting that “Oy, Rodney” is Violet Crepuscula’s ripoff from Henrietta Meshugga’s “Secret Agent Jeremy Coldsore” series? I hope Ms. Meshugga has a good copyright lawyer, one who isn’t meshugger.

    Pedantic note: “Meshugger” is the masculine of “meshugga.” 🙂

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