***Now Our Sink Is Fixed!

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I just did all the dishes that we have, that were in range of that gunk that was coming up from our sink–scrubbed ’em all, put ’em in the drainer, pulled the plug on the sink, and voila! It works, it works!

Mr. Rooter said he found the cause of the problem–lots and lots of baby-wipes flushed down someone’s toilet! Why do people do that? Don’t they know what will happen? Baby-wipes, sanitary napkins, Play-Doh–all sorts of things get flushed that shouldn’t. I remember a whole housing development, brand-new, in the 1970s, where everybody’s toilet backed up because of sanitary napkins. Another time it was a chunk of tile from an ancient water main.

And so hooray, thank you for your prayers, we can have our proper supper tonight and thank you, Lord!

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    1. Just remember not to flush the cigar stub down the toilet! (It’s okay to make jokes about the mess now, isn’t it? Or will jokes put the whammy on the repair?)

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