No, Our Sink Isn’t Fixed Yet

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Well, twenty minutes after Mr. Rooter left yesterday–his parting words were, “You’re good to go!”–our kitchen sink again filled up with dirty water. So he’s back today, he’s in the cellar. The building’s whole system is clogged, he says. Yesterday the sink spat up this stuff resembling bellybutton lint. I wonder what it was.

I have to try to work anyway, with all this stuff going on around here and some doubts as to whether Patty will be able to make our supper tonight: can’t have supper if you don’t have a sink.

Okay, it’s not coming down with cancer or someone in your family died. Compared to those, this is just a little thing.

But it’s the little things that drive you crazy.

Your prayers would be appreciated!

4 comments on “No, Our Sink Isn’t Fixed Yet

  1. I hesitate to ask, but … is it just the kitchen sink, or are your bathroom fixtures backing up as well? That could be a serious health problem in itself.

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