‘Just In: Is This Shark 500 Years Old?’ (2017)

Greenland shark is world's oldest

The Greenland shark, up to 20 feet long, lives in really cold Arctic water, sometimes under the ice, occasionally venturing up the St. Lawrence River. Not much point being afraid of them! You’d die of exposure before the sharks could get you.

Anyhow, certain scientists now believe these Greenland sharks can live preposterously long lives–up to 500 years.

Just In: Is This Shark 500 Years Old?

I have written thousands of posts for this blog. Would you believe that this thing about the shark is my all-time best-liked post? Well, OK, it only had to get 18 likes to do that.

But the important thing is, How old is this shark, really? And if there’s a trick to it, Heaven forbid anyone in Congress ever finds out what it is.

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