The Godzilla of All Trump Scandals!

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Gasp! And it’s vanilla, too–white ice cream! That makes it worse!

How did I ever miss this, when CNN “reported” it back in 2017? ( I was going to leave it alone, but find I can’t. This is worse than white supremacy!

Donald Trump, president of the United States, had two scoops of ice cream while everybody else at the table had one. Quick, the smelling salts!

Is this the  journalism we get from our journalism schools? Do these idiots just pick the school that has the highest sliding board? The biggest merry-go-round?

I hope Bill O’Reilly is right, and that CNN gets sold next year and all the chowderheads get fired.


8 comments on “The Godzilla of All Trump Scandals!

  1. Well, harumph, I’m now disappointed in him for having vanilla instead of the more woke tutti-fruiti. And two scoops at that! Horrors! Tax the double-scoopers! Or something.

    1. That should have been “having vanilla.” I don’t know where that “of” came from. I sure wish we had an “edit” button on these comments. 🙁

  2. How I loved the Trump Presidency days! They were so much fun. Now Trump has appointed Devin Nunez to be the CEO of Truth Social, the publicly traded new company that is creating a social network to crush the paper tigers that are FaceBook & Twitter. Truth is on the march – are we in step with it?

  3. “CNN gets sold next year and all the chowderheads get fired.”
    That would be helped further along with our prayers and Rittenhouse suing them

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