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Don’t ‘Reporters’ Understand Anything?

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(Even a fool can be thought wise–if he can only keep his mouth shut! –King Solomon)

I never went to journalism school. I cannot confirm reports that before they let you graduate, they suck your brain out through a straw.

At President Trump’s press briefing yesterday (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QZmMWSVw_4), he mentioned that the United States had just acquired “good intelligence” that Iran was planning a sneak attack on some of our people in the region. The president warned Iran not to do it: “If anything bad happens, it’s going to be very painful for the other side.”

Okay, that’s a threat. Its purpose was to deter Iran from launching an attack. If the threat succeeds, then a lot of people won’t die.

Good luck trying to find a “journalist” who understands that.

So the reporter suggests to the president that maybe his statement was tantamount to giving the bad guys “a heads-up,” and asks him if he “feels” that maybe that’s what he did.

Do you really have to be a genius to understand that threats are meant to prevent actions from being taken? A sign on a park bench that says “Wet Paint” threatens unhappy consequences to anyone who sits on the bench. So you don’t sit on the bench. Is this truly beyond the intellectual powers of a journalist?

And they wonder why the public increasingly detests them.

Gallup Poll: Trump Up, Noozies Dead Last

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For what it’s worth, the latest Gallup poll shows President Donald Trump (gee, I like typing that!) with a 60% approval rating for his handling of the coronavirus scare–his highest rating yet–and our wonderful nooze media dead last with only 44% approval (https://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/in-the-same-poll-where-trump-triumphs-on-covid-19-response-the-media-come-in-dead-last/). They did even worse than Congress.

I have to ask why their approval rating is so high. All they do is scare stories and Trump bashing, plus a bit of covering for China. And imagine how much higher the president’s rating would be if the whole nooze media weren’t savaging him every day and every night.

At the top of the list stands our nation’s hospitals, with 88 percent approval.

Democrats and media–it’s getting so you can’t tell them apart anymore–are rooting for the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Monster to ravage our economy and make a lot of people sick, thinking it’s their best chance to get some socialist psycho into the White House. When the president and the Senate tried to give back almost $2 trillion to the American taxpayers to tide them over till better days, House Democrats tried every trick they know to stop it.

Their own rescue package was nothing but a Far Left Crazy wish list, full of costly garbage that had absolutely nothing to do with solving the crisis–including a devastatingly wicked scheme to subvert our elections with mail-in voting, public funding for abortion, and–holy cow–mandatory “diversity” quotas for corporate boards, just to name only three of many wacko schemes. So far they haven’t succeeded with it, God’s providence be praised.

But who are those 44% who approve of the nooze media? I don’t know, maybe you could get 44% approval for the virus itself.

We pray that this crisis will soon be over-past: and that we will have learned important lessons from it–like not trusting communist China, bringing our medical manufacturing back to America, and never again, never again, entrusting Democrats with power. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

What’ll I Do Today? Bash ‘True Conservatives’!

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This bullfrog has nothing to do with the post. It’s just a nice picture of a bullfrog.

Actually, that’s not such a hard question to answer: everything’s closed. I guess I’ll just go outside and have a cigar, and maybe check up on the progress of Quokka University–which is not closed, because it hasn’t opened yet.

I just read an article by some “true conservative” I never heard of, saying that, although President Trump has done a lot of things right, he’s still just a New York liberal at heart, who has no “deep core of true conservatism,” blah-blah. What a lot of schiff.

Who are the “true conservatives”? They’re the ones who are absolutely nowhere to be found whenever liberals are trashing our country and debauching our culture. Live birth abortion? Transgender rights? Same-sex fake marriage? For all these fights and more, “true conservatives” are to be found off on a cruise ship somewhere. Reminds me of a movie called “Ship of Fools.”

What have these self-anointed “true conservatives” ever conserved? I mean, look at us! We now have “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Anybody here from any “true conservatives” over that? The moment there’s a battle to be fought, they’re outta here.

Donald Trump has done more practical conservative action than the whole tribe of “true conservatives” put together with RINOs thrown in.

I don’t mind them going on cruises.

I just mind them coming back.

Pelosi: Farther and Farther Out to Lunch

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How important is this year’s presidential election?

Declares Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, “Civilization as we know it is at stake” (https://thepoliticalinsider.com/nancy-pelosi-bizarrely-claims-that-civilization-as-we-know-it-is-at-stake-in-2020-election/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=nancy-pelosi-bizarrely-claims-that-civilization-as-we-know-it-is-at-stake-in-2020-electi)… ’cause four more years of Donald Trump is, like, the end of America.

To put this in some kind of perspective, Pelosi is from San Francisco. Is that what she calls “civilization”? Piles of feces on the sidewalk. Used syringes all over. Crime rate through the ceiling. Hordes of the homeless, most of them illegal aliens, in tents and cardboard boxes.

Does she know what “civilization” means? She’s from San Francisco.

This is the third-highest ranking official in America, behind only the president and vice president. This is what we’ve settled for.

Pray America’s voters put the Democrat Party out of business and Pelosi out to pasture–or wherever you go, if you can’t lead the House of Reprehensibles anymore.

Now for the Next Impeachment!

See the source image

“Look into my eyes!”

I don’t want to get scooped on this scandal, so I can’t keep mum about it any longer.

This, we are assured by thoroughly unreliable sources, is The Big Scandal That Ties It All Together–Russian collusion, the Coronavirus, Jeffrey Epstein, emoluments, transphobia, dance fever, Roswell, and the 1919 World Series.

All of them orchestrated by Donald Trump–who, incidentally, is not really Donald Trump.

Now don’t ask me for details, because this time House Democrats are determined to keep it all under wraps. This time no one, not even Adam Schiff, knows the identity of The Whistleblower. This time no one will be allowed to know the exact charges laid against the man who calls himself Donald Trump. This time the Guilty verdict will be announced before the trial–if there even is a trial. There’s a Georgetown law professor who says the House can remove the president from office without a trial and without involving the Senate.

This is… The Real Bombshell. Forget the thousand stupid little nothing bombshells that went before it. This time we’re looking at Kaboom City.

It also has something to do with Climate Change, but that’s all I dare to say about it.


This Time Trump Is Cooked, for Sure

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A new whistleblower has emerged from the whistleblower factory and this time it looks like Donald Trump is toast, no two ways about it.

But if you think I’m going to waste a perfectly good scandal now, when there’s hardly anybody here to read it, and not even one comment so far–well, gee, they’d laugh me right out of the nooze business.

“We’ve got him now!” exulted an unidentified Democrat shoemaker.

But we can’t play this swan song until there are more swans in the audience.

‘Worldwide “Witches” to Cast Spell on Trump’ (2017)

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Well, okay, gang, you’ve had three years. Where’s this spell that’s supposed to drive him out of office?


Witchcraft is not against God’s law because it actually works. It’s forbidden because those who practice it get highly exalted opinions of themselves. Some of their neighbors and customers share those opinions. And you wind up with idiots pretending to be gods.

Believe me: if witchcraft worked, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and Nancy Pelosi would have eaten this country alive.

Is This Poll for Real?

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The answer to the headline question is, “Probably not.” The last time we heard from NBC Nooze, they were insisting it’d be illegal to vote for Donald Trump. And the Wall Street Journal is well known for its embrace of illegal aliens as a source of cheap labor. So put ’em together in an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, and you don’t exactly have credibility a la mode.

But for what it’s worth, a new NBC/WSJ poll finds “socialism” the most unappealing quality in a presidential candidate (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/socialist-unpopular-quality-presidential-candidate-poll-finds). Indeed, 67% of respondents said they were “very uncomfortable” with a socialist running for president.

The majority also said they were uncomfortable with a candidate over 75 years old, and/or with a candidate who had had a heart attack. Does that sound to you like it’s starting to add up to Bernie Sanders–a socialist old guy who’s had a heart attack?

And yet Bernie is now the clear front-runner in the race to see which idiot gets the Democrat presidential nomination; and his loyal Bernie Bros have pledged riots and arson if the Democrat National Committee screws him out of it again, as they did in 2016. This is sort of an experiment: riots and arson as planks in the platform.

Thing is, the Democrat establishment is beaucoup uncomfortable with Bernie’s baldly stated socialism. They very much prefer the kind of socialism that you suddenly find surrounding you when you wake up in the morning, and you have no idea how it got there. You’re sure it wasn’t there when you went to bed that night.

Bernie is not stealth socialism. His followers aren’t bashful about recommending gulags for anyone who didn’t vote for their guy. Or anyone who doesn’t jump high enough when they say “Jump!” Even other Democrats have objected to the kind of company Bernie keeps. How awful do you have to be before another Democrat notices?

Meanwhile–here’s where the Wall Street Journal part comes in–47% of respondents are “very uncomfortable” with President Donald Trump on the ballot.

This really is a lot of bilge, isn’t it?


‘Special Tactical Agents’ Sent to ‘Sanctuary Cities’

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“Sanctuary” is such a nice-sounding word; but when libs use it, they’re talking about making America’s cities law-free zones for illegal aliens–many of them criminals.

So President Donald Trump is doing something about it: deploying 100 “special tactical agents” from the U.S. Border Patrol to “sanctuary cities” to help enforce our country’s immigration laws in the face of open and boisterous defiance on the part of city officials (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/02/14/report-trump-deploying-elite-tactical-agents-to-10-sanctuary-cities/). At the same time, Attorney General William Barr has filed lawsuits against these cities for attempting to nullify federal immigration laws.

The goal is to increase the number of arrests by 35 percent.

Wailing and gnashing of teeth by Democrats.

Why is enforcing our country’s immigration laws controversial? These are laws duly enacted by Congress over the years. They have not been repealed.

But leftids see illegal aliens as a source of illegal votes, to help them get back into power and keep power indefinitely. It’s part of that “fundamental transformation of America” that they’re so high on. Transformation into what, you don’t want to know. Pray we never find out.

The president is doing the best he can to defend our laws and our borders, which is his duty. He’s also trying to keep the campaign promises that got him elected in 2016.

“Open borders” is a prescription for the destruction of our country.  Democrats don’t care if they destroy it, as long as they can rule it.

Crush them in November. All of them.

The Impeechmint It was Riggded!!!

Image result for images of boris and natasha

Themb dam Russhins thay done “it” “to” us aggen!!!

Yiu know i culd hardlie whait “for” that Impeechmint so we cood “get rid Of” that Donold Trumpt and maik Hillery the pressadint or even “has” Pressadint Obamma “back” so he canbe pressadint aggen,, “this” time for 20twenny yeers or evin moar and i was whaiting and Whaiting for tooday so thay cood “has” “the” Impeechmint

and thenn i fineded Out it was “the” Other Day, Toozeday or somthing!! AND IT DIDNT WHORK!!!!!!!!!! Thay toled me it didnt Whork!!!!

Whell i coodnt beleave it,, it was like In The Bag,, how culd It possablie Not Whork???? i was So up-setted,,, i coodnt evin Eat my Jim sox!!!!

Butt nhow i Know whatt Hapened!! “Yes” nhow “the” Trooth it comed Out!!!

Maxxeen Wauters ((she was Misss Amairicka oncet] she sayed Wat Hapened was, The Russhins, they tamponed whith The Tryall and riggded it so That “it” woodnt Whork!!! Jist like they done whith “the” Elecksion in 2017!!!!! Thay fixed It “and” thay Riggded it!!!!! and that Is whye Trumpt he is goingto “sel” themb Allasker,, Attum Shift he fowned “that” Out!!! He whil selll It “cheep” tooo!!!! and Trumpt he wil Probbly sel themb haffa duzzin Other Stayts “too”!!!!

We was goingto has A Nood Pro-Test tooday but it “is” too Coled!!! and that is Becose Of “globble Wharming” and Climbit Chainge!!! witch is al Trumpts fallt too!!!

I jist “cant” beleave It!!!!!!!!!!

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