‘President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future’ by Stephen Turley

President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future: How the 2016 Election Signals  the Dawning of a Conservative Nationalist Age: Turley, Dr. Steve:  9781981807154: Amazon.com: Books

Do we really have a post-secular future? From Dr. Turley’s pen to God’s ear!


He makes quite a few strong arguments, which I’ve touched on in this book review. For him President Donald Trump epitomizes a world-wide conservative, nationalist, religious, and traditionalist blowback against the bashaws and mandarins of secular globalism.

There must be, has to be, millions and millions of people who’ve had it up to here with political correctness, open borders, lousy trade deals, and ruling class arrogance–who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

But first we have to overcome the existential threat posed by mail-in voter fraud…

‘In the Year 2030…’ (2016) [with prayer request]

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This essay was posted just as *Batteries Not Included’s second term was winding down and an even worse monster was expected by all prognosticators to replace him.

In the Year 2030…

It gives me pleasure to recall that I was predicting, in June of that year, and in print for everyone to see, that Donald Trump would be our next president. But really, those eight Obama years were a downer for normal people and it was easy to get depressed.

We pray the Lord our God will again intervene to save this country: not for our sake, because we are sinners and have not yet come to terms with that, but for His own great name’s sake: so that all the world can see, Lord, what you do, and that the world might know that you are God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘The Devil Knows He’s Toast’


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As bad as things are, they could be worse. Much worse.

Look at all the terrible things Satan’s servants, the Far Left, have tried to do, were sure they could do–and haven’t been able to.

The Devil Knows He’s Toast

Probably the best thing to happen to my country in my lifetime was the non-election of Hillary Clinton. Imagine if 2016 had turned out otherwise. Then do everything you possibly can to re-elect President Trump.

Evil is running wild today–because the Devil knows his time is almost up.

[Confidential to Steve: I still read Freddy books. I read “Wild Animals I Have Known” several times when I was a boy, and I don’t know why–didn’t all those stories have unhappy endings?]

My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 10 (‘Trump’s on Our Side’)

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Go ahead, tell us that we need this!

It seems almost miraculous, for an America president to side with the American people against the know-it-all elites. But that’s what Donald Trump has done. As he sides with us, we must side with him.

Trump’s on Our Side

Last week he hammered “Critical Race Theory” and “The 1619 Project,” both of them virulently toxic to America, brewed up by Far Left fanatics and race hustlers.

No ordinary politician would have lifted a finger to protect us from this. For that we needed Donald Trump, and we are blessed to have him.

Are Dems in Contact with Reality?

It's Democrats who got massacred by Trump impeachment trial: Goodwin

Why does that picture up there remind me so much of those old black-and-white news photos of Stalin, Khrushchev, and the rest of ’em up on the walls of the Kremlin, reviewing the troops in Red Square?

Well, they’re practically interchangeable, aren’t they?

I was doing enough nooze yesterday that it started to depress me: but a hat tip to “Watchman” for a perceptive comment that I’ve found very helpful.

As he pointed out, nobody publicly airs the details of his planned conspiracy. I mean, that’d be really stupid, wouldn’t it? But that’s what Democrats are doing, with all their talk about stalling the election results, contesting the outcome, and recruiting Obama generals to unleash the military on President Trump , etc., etc. Like they were living in some banana republic 100 years ago.

“Watchman” called these dark fantasies–and you know what? He may be right. We are dealing with people who are not only depraved, but also out to lunch. Mark Zuckerberg sez it’s “normal” and “legitimate” for election results to be held up for weeks on end (while Democrats feverishly print up the extra ballots that they need to win)–but who died and made him king? Once upon a time results were delayed because communications from coast to coast were so slow. But they aren’t anymore, and there’s no excuse for keeping the whole country in suspense for as long as it takes the Dems to cheat their way to victory.

Even if everything these closet commies say is just hot air and  empty threats, we should take them very seriously indeed. For one thing, they are talking about crimes on a scale unprecedented in U.S. history. Hello, Secret Service–you guys on vacation? What’s up? And for another thing, we need to give President Trump an overwhelming vote of confidence, so that he can finish doing the things that need doing but which no ordinary politician will ever do.

I pray for a landslide big enough to bury the Democrat Party once and for all, forever. True, some new abomination will eventually arise to take its place. But at least we’ll have some time in which to make our country stronger and better.

But electoral landslides don’t just grow on trees.

Go out there on Election Day and make it happen.

Down with the ‘1619 Project’

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Three more cheers for Donald Trump!

Now he’s taking aim at the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” intended for use in the classroom to teach kids that America was, is, and always will be all about slavery and nothing but slavery, blah-blah… He’s directed the Dept. of Education to look into reports that this anti-American hate package is actually being used, so that they can defund it wherever it exists.


And oh, the Far Left has its knickers in a twist! Predictably, they’re calling it “censoring American history” and “American journalism.” “Eradicate racism” by creating more racism! I’m surprised anyone can generate that much hypocrisy and not explode.

I know I’m not the only one who’s been asking why we should have to pay a bunch of unionized left-wing creeps to “teach” our children that our country sucks. I mean, come on–is that fair? Why in the world should our tax dollars fund these assorted hate-America programs?

It’s time we put a stop to it–and God bless President Donald Trump for starting the ball rolling.

Thank You, Mr. President! Trump Bans ‘Critical Race Theory’

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Boy, did we ever need this! And President Trump has delivered. Three cheers for Donald Trump! Heck, make it six cheers.

The president has directed the federal Office of Management and Budget to stop the teaching of “critical race theory” among government employees (https://www.dailywire.com/news/breaking-trump-bans-federal-money-from-funding-far-left-anti-american-critical-race-theory), calling it–as you bet it is!–“divisive” (gee, ya think?) and “anti-American.”

The office is to identify who’s doing it and to cancel any contracts they might have. Put more simply, the president has acted to defund a Far Left cult within the government.

“Critical Race Theory,” another product of a deeply corrupt university system, preaches that the United States is an evil racist country and that white people are to blame, etc., etc. In practice, it takes the form of persecuting and humiliating white people just for being white. And up until now, it has been being “taught” in just about every branch of the federal bureaucracy.

Thank you, Mr. President! Critical race theory is wrong, sick, and evil and does nothing except to provoke people, who would otherwise be at peace, to hate one another. You have removed a malignant tumor from the body of the state.

This Speech Will Pump You Up

President Trump gave this speech to the Class of 2017. Three years later, it’s even more to the point, more relevant, more inspiring. He sounds like Winston Churchill!

“Never give up, never give in”–can you give me an “Amen”?

Good News Bustin’ Out All Over!

President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future: How the 2016 Election Signals  the Dawning of a Conservative Nationalist Age: Turley, Dr. Steve:  9781981807154: Amazon.com: Books

The bad news is that secular globalism is the religion of the world’s ruling class and they’re trying to shove it down our throats.

The good news is that it isn’t working! In fact, all over the world, people and whole nations are rising up against it.

That’s the message of Stephen Turley’s little book, President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future. You can read it in the time it takes to watch a movie.

Most of us still get most of our news from the nooze media–which is why we won’t have heard of a lot of the events Dr. Turley talks about, because our totally dishonest noozies have chosen not to report them. Like, if a tree falls in the forest and some jidrool from CNN doesn’t report it, then it didn’t fall? Sorry, guys, but that one’s wearing thin.

Says Dr. Turley, Donald Trump knows which way the wind is blowing and sets his course accordingly. He is on our side. Not a puppet of the Deep State. Not a shill for the global elite. Our president.

I don’t want to write a review that’s almost as long as the book, so suffice it to say that Turley does a stellar job identifying who the secular globalist elite are and what they stand for, revealing to us all those unreported uprisings against it, and predicts victory for religion, traditional values, and nationalism.

Well, the Bible always told us Christ would win.

The bad guys are running out of time to repent.

The Way They See It (Saints Preserve Us)

Donald Trump could be new Margaret Thatcher says Gingrich | Daily ...

We watch a lot of British comedies, mostly from the 1980s and 90s. And I can’t name a Britcom that didn’t take pot shots at Margaret Thatcher. She was prime minister for 21 years, 1979-90: but to hear the TV writers tell it, no one voted for her, no one liked her, no one had any respect for her–

Wait a minute!

Today in America, to hear our media tell it, no one voted for Donald Trump except for a tiny handful of white supremacists, no one likes him, no one has any respect for him, he’s universally despised and loathed…

Do they really believe that?

Maybe liberals have gotten so accustomed to winning by force that they’ve forgotten how to argue or persuade. Your newsroom has an editor who’s a Republican? Fire him! There’s a conservative in your faculty lounge? Just chase him out!

One night on the phone, some years ago, I was telling a liberal about a certain sex education textbook. He insisted the book did not exist. “But I have it right here on the table, in front of me,” I said. But it didn’t budge him.

As Joe Biden said, “We choose truth over facts!” That’s for sure. They ought to save it to put on his tombstone.

I wonder now: Are there a lot of details in a liberal’s mental landscape that simply aren’t there in real life? That would explain both their ideology and their behavior. Really–how could you possibly swallow the Green New Deal unless you were delusional?

Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut! What about all that stuff we learned in college???

The prosecution rests, your honor.