Prayer Request: Peep


Our cat Peep is suddenly off-color, something’s not right: and we wonder about taking her to see the vet–she totally freaks out when she goes there, and that, of course, is not good for her.

We request your prayers! This is the lovingest,sweetest cat you’d ever want to know, and she needs our Savior’s healing touch–and Patty and I need His mercy. We love this little girl, and it would hit us hard to lose her love for us. Please, Father, in Jesus’ name, please heal her., Amen.

9 comments on “Prayer Request: Peep

  1. Lord, we lift up to You, this beloved little animal which is a gift from You to this couple; Lee and Pat. They are concerned about her health, and You are the Healer, so before You we bring our petition. Just as I have seen You act on behalf of an injured horse, a sick dog and an injured cat, I ask Your healing hand to be placed on this little precious animal, In Yeshua’s Holy name, amen.

  2. Although he has been gone for almost 40 years, I still miss Leo, my big lovable mutt. Our pet can truly become a very loved and cherished member of our family. And when they get sick or pass away, a real void, a great sadness can wash over us for a long time. I do pray your loved Peep, gets better.

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