‘What We’re Up Against’ (2018)

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Oh, no! Upside-down candy canes! Forbidden, forbidden, forbidden!

Do you ever doubt that our whole public education system has fallen into the hands of Far Left wackos?

Well, don’t doubt it–not for an instant.

What We’re Up Against

Fear and hatred of Jesus Christ and His people is deeply ingrained in our “educators.” If you think your kids are safe from wacko indoctrination because you live in a Red state, think again. The same commie teachers’ unions own the public schools in all 50 states.

And you wind up hearing, “There can’t be candy canes because if you hold a candy cane upside-down it makes a letter J and that stands for ‘Jesus’ and that’s forbidden, not allowed, taboo—eeeyaaaah!” [Falls to the floor with pink foaming coming out his ears.]

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