More Prayers Needed (for Peep)


Our little cat Peep is still sick: slightly feverish, impaired mobility–but eating and peeing and pooping normally. We’re afraid to take her to the vet because they make you sit outside in your car while your poor cat is taken inside to freak out. They tell me she freaks out pretty dramatically. Not good.

So please, please, keep your prayers coming. This is the sweetest cat you’d ever want to know, and we need her love in our household.

Please, Father! In Jesus’ name, please heal her. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


9 comments on “More Prayers Needed (for Peep)

  1. I was going to ask about Peep as soon as I got home from my morning errands, but I see you anticipated me. (Besides, I’ve been delayed by computer glitches, Microsoft playing games with my system while it downloads updates to my Windows files, grrrrr.) I’ve been praying hard for her and for all your household and I’ll continue to do so. Please let us know how the trip to the vet has gone.

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