WHO Honcho: Cancel Christmas

Christmas 2020 is cancelled. Good. There'll be more of us around to  celebrate in 2021 | The Independent

Gee, this is pretty hard cheese if you’ve already bought presents and stocked up for your family’s Christmas get-together. But when the United Nations speaks, jidrools listen.

The grand poobah of the World Health Organization, Dr. Whatsisname, is now saying all “Christmas events” should be canceled or else we’re all gonna die of the omicron variant of COVID, which in fact kills hardly anybody (https://slaynews.com/news/who-chief-calls-for-all-christmas-events-to-be-canceled/). But don’t let a good panic go to waste!

Dr. So-and-so predicted “more deaths”–echoing “President” (ahem!) SloJo Biden’s warnings of “a winter of death.” Can you imagine FDR saying that? But the WHO guy says “Celebrate now, grieve later.”

Among the “events” he did not recommend be canceled are “mostly peaceful demonstrations”–that is, riots. He didn’t want to get in bad with BLM. Besides, he was too busy pleading with the world to cancel Christmas.

The entire global ruling class needs to be replaced.

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  1. It’s baffling to me how few people see through this growing desperation on the part of the overlords to keep everyone in panic mode.

  2. I can’t imagine anyone taking these bozos seriously. I Dont have a lot of elaborate plans for Christmas, but those I do have will proceed as planned. They can blow it out their ears or whatever place they choose.

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