Do Movies Matter?

Sean Hannity

Do movies really matter? If you say “No, they’re only movies,” you may be overestimating… well, liberals. Here’s an example.

Some years ago, driving home from sword school, I was listening to Sean Hannity on the radio. This was before he went into national syndication; it was his local show for the New York market.

Hannity was chiding persons who didn’t know the words to our National Anthem. Some doofus came on and chided him back. “That’s the anthem of your country!” the caller bloviated. “You don’t know what’s important to my country!”

To prove his point, he trotted out a slew of movie trivia questions, to revel in triumph when Hannity got some of them wrong. Well, who needs America when they’ve got movies? Apparently Hollywood was this guy’s country. I am sure he takes Matrix movies very seriously indeed. Betcha anything he feels the same way about his favorite TV shows. And spends a lot of time listening to National Public Radio.

There are more ninnies in our voting public than is good for us.

5 comments on “Do Movies Matter?

  1. Movies help shape our culture. Leftists have been using the entertainment industry to do this for decades. We need to take arts and literature more seriously, because most people are swayed by emotion, not logic.

    1. Yes, movies that are well done are powerful. So sad how the Christian culture gave up on art and entertainment and just concentrated on evangelism and preparing the converts to a soon secret capturing away called the Rapture.

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