Who Says There’s No Justice?

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[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

A U.S. senator from Illinois and a Congresswoman from Maryland this week were carjacked–both of them Democrats who have worked to “defund the police” and turn the streets over to criminals (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/12/another-one-illinois-democrat-senator-carjacked-gunshots-fired/).

For their names, click the link. I’ve forgotten them already.

Yes, they think nothing of turning multitudes of felons out of jail so they can prey on us. Only in this instance, the felons preyed on them. (Not a dry eye in the house!)

It’s so rare to see a wicked politician stung by her own asinine policies that she imposes on the rest of us–what can one do but stand up and cheer?

We are grateful for any justice we might see.

8 comments on “Who Says There’s No Justice?

  1. Linda & I agreed for justice to be done in 2021 about the fraudulent presidential election. So disappointed so little has come of exposing it so far. Maybe the GOP controlled Congress of 2023 will actually do something about it.

    1. I wouldn’t count on the GOP. They haven’t done anything but help the Dems for the most part. There’s so many things they could be hammering Joe on right now but they don’t. At this point, the GOP is controlled opposition.

      This situation we are in won’t be solved by politics alone. We can’t vote our way out of a coup. Something more drastic has to occur to correct the course we are on. Only divine intervention can save us now. It hasn’t happened as fast as we would like, but I still believe justice is coming.

    2. The very size of the crime–stealing a presidential election–is its best protection from justice.
      And the COVID crime is even bigger.

  2. Stealing the election may have been the easy part. But it’s the coverup that gets you.

    I think all of this has been a blessing in disguise. These people have operated in the shadows for decades but now they’re out in the open. They have dropped their masks and people are seeing how evil they really are. As painful as it might be, people need to see it and experience it before true change can really occur.

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