Extending the Carol Contest

Christmas Carolers Square Boxed 1000 Piece Puzzle | Galison

I guess I’m allowed to do this: extend the Christmas Carol Contest to New Year’s Eve.

Why? Well, in case there are still some carols we haven’t heard yet. But really, I want to give everybody a chance to enter a carol or two. So few readers enter! (I’m not buying Byron the Quokka’s claim that the prizes offered aren’t gaudy enough.) All you’ve got to do is leave a comment, a carol request, anywhere on the blog.

So far the leading carol has 19 views on the day it was entered. None with 20!

Come on, let’s get more of us involved. It’ll be a year before we have another one.

7 comments on “Extending the Carol Contest

  1. Ah ha, Phoebe, you just beat me to that one by a few minutes. That’ll teach me for putting dinner clean up before requests. Just kidding I’ll be watching for it.

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