The Beatles Were ‘Racist’?

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Who’s next?

Speaking of really stupid stuff that we’re forced to pay for–

Ann Powers, the, um, “music critic” for National Public Radio, has declared the Beatles “racist” ( And guess what? She’s a white liberal!

What was it that made the Beatles racist? The only “crime” that comes across in her rant is that the Beatles were “racist” because they were four white guys; and that, for some idiotic reason–if we can even use the word “reason” in this context–was somehow an offense in and of itself. They refused to play in segregated venues, they freely acknowledged their debt of inspiration to black musicians in several different genres–but none of that counts.

So we’re not supposed to enjoy their music. If we do, that makes us “racists,” too.

Can you believe our tax money pays for this?

It’s about time for this to stop.

7 comments on “The Beatles Were ‘Racist’?

  1. Slowly, but surely, the Left will tear itself apart. Woke will not be enough, because one will have to agree with every backwater of opinion or risk being accused of not being “woke” enough.

  2. Good grief, the Beatles loved the music of the blacks and Latinos. What a dope that lady is. I would rather listen to “Dancing Through the Tulips” over and over than to ever listen to NPR,

    1. You’re completely right about that. The youth of Great Britain developed a fascination with American Blues in the early ‘60s and the Beatles came from that background. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and countless other British bands had a deep respect for the Blues, and especially for Delta Blues artists that had been all but forgotten. I doubt that many of the artists whose Blues they learned from would think of the Beatles as racist.

      One thing I love about musicians and is that most musicians care about music a lot more than they care about the ethnicity of the person playing that music.

    2. There’s a “George Gently” episode focused on that theme–ear;u 60s. Brititish youth falls in love with black American music.

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