‘Lost! 200-Foot-Long Dinosaur’ (2019)

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If you can imagine these, you can imagine anything.

Imagine a land animal as long as two basketball courts laid end to end. Take your time: you’ll have to stretch your imagination pretty far.

Now imagine losing that animal!

Lost! 200-foot-long Dinosaur

Really! How do you misplace a 9-foot-long dinosaur backbone? It’s this bone that allows scientists to estimate the length of the living creature as somewhere around 200 feet. I wonder how many of these beasts you could herd onto Guam before you made the island capsize.

But the bone has been mislaid! All we have are drawings and measurements made of it back in the 1870s. Just not the same as the real thing!

God does like to challenge our imaginations, doesn’t He?

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  1. There is a theory that the earth was once covered by a water vapor canopy prior to Noah’s flood. It’s why it never rained before then. Among other benefits, a water vapor canopy would filter out harmful radiation from the sun and prevent ozone from seeping into the air we breath. That would at least in part account for the long life spans prior to the flood. No doubt animals would have longer lifespans as well and since reptiles continue to grow throughout their life it would explain why they were so big.

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