Surprise! It Snowed

Winter Wintry Snow Magic - Free photo on Pixabay

Well, we didn’t see this coming! When we crawled off to bed last night, it was soggy, damp, muddy–oh, feh.

Next thing I know, we’re in a winter wonderland.

It’s beautiful. How I’m to lay in my weekend supplies seems problematic. Now the sun’s come out and everything’s as clean and white as God’s own table setting.

Worry about the hard parts later.

5 comments on “Surprise! It Snowed

  1. I love the morning after a snowstorm, when the sun comes up and the world has a pristine beauty. On the Front Range in Colorado, it wasn’t unusual for the wind to kick up in the afternoon, blowing out of the west, and the snow would melt before your eyes. I really miss that climate.

  2. Now your area looks a lot like ours. But now, it has rained all night and still is raining, so some of the snow is leaving, but there is a real mess in its place. uggh.

  3. Since I moved to the Philippines from a climate where freezing temperatures, gray landscapes, and months filled with snow in the winter are normal, many ask, do I miss the snow? Yes, I remember it fondly … shoveling snow off our driveway for hours, and then spending a few more hours removing the vast pile of snow at the end of the driveway, put there by the cities’ snowplow. And then after it was all gone, doing it again when it came by for another pass.
    I remember one time in particular. During a major snowstorm, after working the second shift, barely making it home by midnight, after more than an hour drive, of what normally took twenty minutes. There, blocking my path, was a pile of chest-high, what had been just slush during the day, of now frozen solid, rock-hard ice, needing to be removed from the end of our driveway so I could park my car [the temperature had dropped greatly during the day, and now it was close to zero, with gale-force winds]. Just as I finished shoveling that pile at 2:30 AM, thoughts of Dean Martin singing “Memories are Made of This” began to linger in my mind, as did frostbite on my toes.

    1. We insist on carrying on in total disregard of weather conditions. You should see the Garden State Parkway when it snows. What? Slow down? The hell you say!

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