Doing the Best I Can

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I thought I’d be much better by now; but I’m not, and Patty’s still tied up with a cough and fatigue. A job that should take me ten minutes now takes half an hour or more.

I might as well take a break. I wonder if it’s too cold out for a cigar. I’m getting a little tired of going back to bed several times a day. The sun is very bright today.

We do need your prayers.

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  1. Lee, maybe you should contact one of the frontline-doctors groups, who can either steer you to a reputable doctor in your area or do a telemed visit with you and Patty. Both groups can prescribe and send you the appropriate medicines as well (wink, nudge). The groups are:

    * Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) – or

    * America’s Frontline Doctors –

  2. I still pray for all (and there are many I know) who are sick, and as for me, I fall asleep in my chair even when I am trying to read.

  3. We have a Frontline doctor in our City Elders group. He helps us get all the Ivermectin we need. He says even if you have not taken the jab but have had Covid then you do have spike proteins in your body. The Ivermectin helps cleanse the body of the spike proteins.

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