Still the Best Cat Toy

Nothing will ever replace the paper bag as the world’s premiere cat toy.

It is said that the Greek philosopher and linoleum tycoon, Thales of Miletus, invited the paper bag in 351 B.C. as a toy for his cat, Bixby. We cannot vouch for the truth of this historical tidbit.

4 comments on “Still the Best Cat Toy

  1. You’re right, the paper bag is the best cat toy in existence. I’ve heat to see a cat that wouldn’t play with a bag. I’ve also seen videos of large cats, Tigers, playing in large cardboard boxes, exactly the same way that a house cat would. During the cooler months, when I have a think comforter on my bed, there is a nightly ritual, where my cat finds her way under the comforter, and then slinks around until she finds her way back out. Confined spaces fascinate cats.

    1. When I think of some of the confined spaces I explored in my early teens, I feel almost claustrophobic. Water pipeline under the highway… ghaaah!

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