Stranded Kitty

You’d think if the cat could climb up to the highest shelf, she could also get down.

Peep and Robbie, when they were kittens, by some unwitnessed magic used to climb up to the top of the refrigerator. We never saw how they did it. And of course Peep was almost killed when she got inside the box with my ice cream machine and brought it crashing to the floor. She emerged unscathed.

4 comments on “Stranded Kitty

  1. I have seen cats do some pretty awesome things too. I had one that would jump up and grab the door knob on the door between porch and kitchen, and actually hang there and turn the knob and get inside

  2. My cat has been jumping to a similar high shelf, of late. They are amazing jumpers. In her case, there was something on that shelf that she wanted t9 play with.

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