Is This Pathetic, Or What?

The Day - System drops heavy snow, ends mild temps in northern Plains -  News from southeastern Connecticut

It’s only one o’clock and I’m already kind of tired. But I did go out and clear my car, and buy some cat food–and I was able to do those things because yesterday’s snowstorm only left four or five inches and you could brush it away with a broom. It’s a pretty snow, but a hardship it’s not.

But tell that to the potatoes in the nooze business!

Would you believe some of them are calling this “the Blizzard of 2022”? Usually they try to scare us before the snow falls. Now do they want to scare us after it snows? (“Sorry, I don’t have an optic on that…”) Do they think we’re all a bunch of Biden voters?

Get lost, you happy hormads.

3 comments on “Is This Pathetic, Or What?

  1. The overreaction to almost any weather event is tiring. Weather happens, and it’s been happening for a long, long time. Having live in Colorado, I learned to live with highly variable weather. Surprise snowstorms, followed by a strong Chinook wind a day later were as much a part of life on the Front Range as the sight of the Rockies on the western horizon. Winter weather is the price you pay for the glory of summer. Snowstorms help to recharge the aquifers and prepare the land for another productive summer. If one uses good sense, such storms are hardly even an inconvenience. The media can go jump in a lake, where I’m concerned.

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