Meanwhile, Back in the Real World…

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How is anybody supposed to satirize this schiff?

I’m having breakfast while Patty watches YouTube videos. I hear snatches of it.

Authoritative-sounding female voice: “I don’t have an optic on that.”

What? Does she mean “I don’t see it”? Sheesh, who talks like this? Is this a form of communication? I don’t think so!

And then I hear a promo for “additional episodes of Family Massacre.” Like there are a lot of episodes. A show about people going violently gaga and wiping out their families. Apparently it happens often enough to support a cable TV series. I don’t think I want to know who’s watching it.

Some of you have expressed the opinion that cable TV is a toxic waste dump, a festival of culture rot. Certainly big pieces of it fit that description.

I’ve got to go clear the snow off my car. And clear out my mind.

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