Noozies: Russia ‘Behind’ Trucker Protest

Truckers on the streets of Ottawa

Those damned Russians! They get into everything!

Ooh-ooh, the Russians did it, the Russians did it!

It’s not possible that people in Canada, especially truckers, could be totally fed up with all those vaccine mandates, not possible that they could organize a protest. Well, they ain’t foolin’ the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (

The noozies at the CBC, Canada’s answer to CNN, have figured out that the “Freedom Convoy” is a Russian ploy to keep Canada too busy to stop Putin from invading the Ukraine. Honk if you think that’s anything more than pure crapola.

The CBC has come in for some criticism for this asinine suggestion. Meanwhile, leftids here in America are hopping aboard the bandwagon, thronging the social media to proclaim that the Russians are footing the convoy’s bills.

Sheesh. Back when I was in high school we used to make fun of “nooze” like this, cooked up by The Daily Worker and The Peking Review. I mean, an axolotl could see through it!

Now it’s the way they do nooze. All garbage, all the time.

6 comments on “Noozies: Russia ‘Behind’ Trucker Protest

    1. The problem with Canada is that one province, Ontario, and one city, Vancouver, control the whole country. Everybody else has to just suck it up.

    2. Politically, Canada is run mostly by Quebec and Ontario, simply because they have the population and the ridings. Vancouver had so many Chinese fleeing Hong Kong before the British were scheduled to leave, it’s become known as Hongcouver. These Chinese would actually be very quick to recognise a rising tyranny, and are just one of the ethnic groups that have been trying to warn us of the path we’ve been on.

      The support of Quebecers is incredibly telling. Quebec has never even signed on to our constitution – which, ironically enough, was brought in by our Prime Dictator’s father in 1982. Until then, we were still a Dominion of the British Commonwealth. Quebec is constantly threatening to separate, though with “sovereignty association”, which is basically having their cake, and eating it, too. Quebec holds itself as a nation, complete with a National Assembly instead of a Legislative Assembly, as the other provinces have. Their population is such that they can have a separatist party run in federal elections, even though they run only in Quebec – and actually have a chance to win.

      To now see so many truckers and supporters from Quebec in Ottawa, singing the national anthem and carrying Canadian flags, but really be throwing T2 for a loop. He often says things completely different in French, while in Quebec, from what he says in English, anywhere else, and made it clear he holds Francophone Quebecers as superior to other Canadians. Especially Albertans, whom were well hated by his father, too. T1 devastated Alberta during his reign, and I don’t think that they ever fully recovered.

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