Only Black Women Need Apply?

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If the color’s right, that’s all that matters

A new ABC/Ipsos poll finds that 76% of Americans oppose appointing a Supreme Court justice merely on the basis of gender and skin color (

But nyah-nyah-nyah, says SloJo Biden: his nominee to replace Stephen Breyer is going to be a black woman, no matter what.

Why do white liberals keep doing this? If they’d just shut up and nominate someone who’s obviously qualified for the job, who would bring up race? But they bring it up first, they make it an issue, and by and by it becomes the issue! The only issue. And the white liberals, in giving the nominee a boost that he or she probably doesn’t need, undermine the candidate’s credibility.

Hey! Is there anything that the Biden “administration” is for, that the American people don’t oppose? Do they carefully research public opinion, just so they can do the opposite? Or do they think we like them destroying our southern border, fleeing from the Taliban, and sicking the FBI on parents who don’t want the teachers’ unions teaching their children to be racists? And don’t forget inflation! And severing the Keystone Pipeline! And mandates!

So now the United States Supreme Court is going to be governed by the race card. What could possibly go wrong?

6 comments on “Only Black Women Need Apply?

  1. Anyone he tries to nominate should refuse. How insulting, knowing that the only reason they are being considered is due to their melanin content, and what’s between their legs.

  2. If someone from another planet came to earth and saw what is going on, they would suppose the majority race was black. Actually, blacks are a small minority. So much for good sense.

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