I Won’t Touch the Nooze Today

Scarlet tanager's startling red flash like fireworks in the forest | On the  Wing | bayjournal.com

Instead of getting my hands dirty with the nooze, which will still be there tomorrow–and they will have added to it–let’s have a look at something beautiful. A scarlet tanager, for instance.

I have seen this bird in the wild only once in my life, when I was 12 years old at Y camp. Its range supposedly includes New Jersey, and you’d think such a vividly colored bird would stand out and be easy to see–nevertheless, I never see them. Mostly we have sparrows and starlings.

In an odd way, I’m kind of glad the scarlet tanager so rarely takes the stage. It’d be a shame to take something so beautiful for granted. If I see a goldfinch once a year, I count it a blessing. And I have yet to see a bluebird.

It’s something to look forward to: and nothing in the nooze can match it.

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