I Have to Stop Today

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Do you mind if I knock off the nooze a bit early today? I’ve just watched Mayor Whatsisname, the new mayor of New York City, babbling (over and over again!) “I eat a plant-based centered life,” whatever the dickens that means, and how he’s got to “get New Yorkers” all to do the same, blah-blah. Meanwhile, the crime rate in the city is up almost 40 percent. I fear that if I hear or read much more of this, it’ll damage my brain.

Well, who cares if you get mugged or shot, as long as you’re eating a plant-based centered life?

We are governed by numbskulls.

I think I’ll post a hymn.

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  1. It’s sometimes just too hard to take any more. A hymn sounds like a good mental palate cleanser. (To continue the food metaphor.)

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