Nothing Left But Prayer

Robbie had her operation today, she came through it all right; but the prognosis is bad.

We will not put her through chemotherapy or radiation treatment. She’s had enough.

I’m rather stuck for words here. Patty’s got a problem with her legs now, too. This year is wearing us down.

So there’s nothing left but prayer. The Lord can heal our cat and spare us grief, if He so wishes. God knows we’re begging Him to help us. Nowhere else to turn for mercy; nowhere else to turn for help.

I’ll bring Robbie home this afternoon. Please continue to pray for us.

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  1. Still praying. And weeping with you in my heart. Time to listen to “The Old Rugged Cross” again?

    How is Peep doing through all of this?

  2. Sorry to hear of all this, and I am hearing of so many sorrows and troubles from all directions. Times like this remind us that prayer really is all we have. Prayers will continue.

  3. I had a similar situation, four years ago. A very sweet cat that I loved very much began to have health problems. At one point, her thyroid was overactive and not able to be controlled by medication any longer. A fine veterinarian said that we could try removing her thyroid and the surgery was successful, however, the biopsy on her thyroid revealed that she had lymphoma. I came to the conclusion that I would not pursue further treatment because. it would, at best, prolong her life a relatively short time and she already had developed secondary health problems which would compromise her quality of life, no matter what we did. It was the right decision. From that point on, the vet was treating me, at least as much as he was treating my cat, but he is a compassionate, Christian man and that made a huge difference.

    When the inevitable happened, he sent me a sympathy card which helped greatly. I’ll paraphrase the key passage, where it said(from the pet’s point of view) not to think of heaven, but that it had been heaven living with me. I had rescued her from a very bad situation and brought her to my home to live comfortably and to know nothing but love, from me. As one of the people had told me, she had won the kitty lottery when I came into her life … and he was right. The roots of her disease probably went back to when she was a kitten, according to the vet, and I had given her a great life for 10 years. That meant a lot to me.

    You’ve done as much as can be done, Lee. The real roots of all this grief comes down to the same fallen world that has brought so much grief to mankind. One day at a time is all any of us can do.

    1. and we cry every time…yes, we do… Prayers for Robbie, Lee & Patty…amen.

  4. So sorry for you all! Our pets trust us to make the right decisions for them, just as we trust our Father to make wise choices for us. Praying for you.

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