Robbie Post-Op

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She’s moving around so much better than she did last week–even trotting, when she wants to avoid taking her medicines. It’s been a while since she trotted.

Her purr-box is also back in order. We have not mastered the task of administering her pain meds, but she doesn’t seem to be in much pain.

I’m supposed to take her in tomorrow so they can remove the drain; so naturally we’re now having a heavy snowstorm that I never saw in the forecast. Yesterday we had bugs flying around.

My wife is not doing all that well. Her COPD is not cooperating.

Please pray for our little household. The Lord our God is able to put all this to rights.

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  1. For our morning devotions we sang “Praise to the Lord” These two lines go right to my heart.

    Ponder anew what the Almighty can do,
    If with His love he befriends you.

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