Even Mice Need to Unwind

Mice really do make nice pets. I ought to know: I’ve had a lot of them. But they’re usually rather businesslike–not much given to frolicking.

But give them something new, and they soon enjoy giving in to curiosity. Mice are very smart, and they always want to know all about anything that’s new in their environment. Give them a cardboard tube, and they’ll let their hair down.

3 comments on “Even Mice Need to Unwind

  1. I imagine that they have to be serious, given their size and the number of threats they face, but these guys looked pretty calm.

    It’s probably impossible for us to fully understand how various animals experience life. I’m convinced that animals are very smart, in a common sense manner. They don’t have the tool of symbolic language, but they seem to be exceptionally good at solving problems, even without this tool. They don’t seem to be distracted by keeping up appearances, but set about the task at hand and usually don’t stop until they succeed. The human race could learn from this.

  2. In case you need a hymn to start the day tomorrow, how about Shall We Gather At The River. I know there are several versions on line.

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