Running Late, Late, Late…

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I’ll never catch up today, but it couldn’t be helped–had to brain Robbie back to the vet for removal of her surgical drain, which she doesn’t need anymore. She’s doing very well with her recovery, couldn’t ask for better.

But I’ll some two hours behind with my first post of the day, and still have to go buy groceries, so I don’t know how I’ll manage. One can but try. Oy, look at those viewer numbers.

When I finally do get down to business here, I’ve got an appalling nooze story for you.  In the meantime, please feel free to enjoy a visit to the Archives.

4 comments on “Running Late, Late, Late…

  1. I’ll try to keep up as best I can. I got up at the usual time, but there are so many urgent prayer requests from my church group, it is un nerving to try to keep up. Serious health issues are everywhere. I will check in as often as I can. Glad to hear little Robbie is recovering so nicely, and wish all these people were doing likewise.

  2. Wonderful to hear that Robbie is doing better. I continue to pray for all of you — and for you, too, Erlene.

    Iggy, however, has had a terrible morning, although he seems to be resting now.

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