San Fran Parents Vote to Recall School Board Members

Three members of San Francisco’s Board of Education will now be subject to a recall vote–they’re that unpopular with the public. Look at those numbers. With 25% of the people voting, three-quarters of them want these three characters kicked off the board.

Why? The reason most often given is a wide public perception that the school board, especially these three, dropped the ball on dealing efficiently with the COVID pandemic–especially, say some voters, pissing away time and money renaming schools instead of finding a way to get students back to class.

If the Gang of Three are recalled, the mayor of this benighted city will appoint their replacements. Don’t expect notably wise or constructive appointments.

The best way to deal with public schools is to pull the children out of public schools.

5 comments on “San Fran Parents Vote to Recall School Board Members

  1. Pulling kids out of these “schools” is definitely the wisest, and really only reasonable option if things are ever to become real again.
    Can we hear a great song by my favorite; Carroll Roberson to bless us? Blessed Are Those Who Have Not
    Seen and Yet Believe in Me.

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