‘After-School Satan Club’ for the Kiddies!

An elementary school in Illinois is hosting an “after-school Satan Club” for children 6 to 11 years old (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/school-satan-club-targeting-children-ages-6-11-illinois-elementary-school-sparks-outrage/). Parents are upset.

Oh, no (we are assured)–it won’t in the least be about teaching children to worship Satan! Why, it’s just another “educational program” provided by the Temple of Satan.

The school and its teachers have nothing at all to do with this, says the superintendent of schools. If they don’t rent out the building to whoever comes along asking for it, they’re gonna get sued. That’s what they tell us. We are at liberty to doubt whether this “rule” is equally enforced for all.

How many inducements to homeschooling do our public “educators” have to come up with? Why would anyone but a weirdo want his children “taught” in these schools? Just another “educational program.” And I am the Sultan of Swat.

Another Public School District, Another Secret Kept from Parents

Maine's Secret Society Plots To Add Half-Halloween Holiday | The Return of  the Modern Philosopher

How far off-site do they mean to go?

Does this seem… suspicious? Holding secret teacher workshops “off-site” and with no public announcement, and producing documents clearly labeled NOT to be seen by students or their parents–does that have a stink to it, or what?

Welcome to the Parma, Ohio, school district. Read all about it in the Mission: America newsletter (https://myemail.constantcontact.com/BREAKING–Parma-Whistle-Blower-Submits-Training-Document-from-Diversity-Center.html?soid=1101710997702&aid=b8Uqulby-Co&fbclid=IwAR2I6pVMj5atJqJiP3FBJxUTVUxDEPUxqFEFBOz4G9Bi6_ssuEr5VDbI6Ls).

Someone has leaked the document to Mission: America. There is a link to it in their newsletter. They recommend you print the document, bring it to a public meeting of your board of education, demand an accounting, and demand that this particular “training” be immediately discontinued.

Oh, it’s full of the usual goodies! Gender “assigned at birth”–by whom? The tooth fairy? “Social Emotional Learning” (don’t ask!). The usual newfangled goofy pronouns made up by idiots. The “singular ‘they'”. And gems of 100% pure twaddle, like this: “It’s totally fine if your understanding of yourself [they mean your “gender”] shifts from day to day.” That doesn’t mean you’re cuckoo. It means you’re on board with the program. Indeed, it’s amazing how many “woke” and satanist cliches they can pack into one short document.

And it’s a secret! The defenseless public has to pay for it, but they’re not allowed to know about it. They just might sic the FBI on you, if you try to find out.

Down, down, down with public schooling!

Before it wrecks our country.

‘Ontario, the Heart of Darkness’ (2017)

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You know what scares me? Trying to imagine the kind of world it’ll be with these kids all grown up after the schools have been indoctrinating them with lewd and crazy vileness for 15 years.

Ontario, the Heart of Darkness

I suppose we can pray that by the time they reach adulthood, millions of these children will come to loathe what they’ve been “taught” in school and demand an end to it. We can pray for that.

But in the meantime, can’t we at least remove our children from these so-called schools?

Please don’t think our public schools are any better than Ontario’s. They’re not.

‘Teacher’ Mocks Parents at School Board Meeting

Mockery Quotes

Why do you send your kids to public schools where the, er, “teachers” despise you and mock you? I can’t wait to hear the answer!

A technology “teacher” in Austin, TX, recently chose a public school board meeting as the showplace for her cute little Dr. Seuss parody about “brainless bigots” who “don’t like to read” and don’t possess any capacity for “critical thinking” (https://www.fox7austin.com/news/parents-outraged-after-teacher-mocks-bigots-evangelicals-in-dr-seuss-style-poem-at-school-board-meeting). In English, that’s parents who don’t want pornographic sleaze in the school library and who oppose the “teaching” of Critical Race Theory, which posits that all white people are born racist etc. etc.

Folks, you are paying these creatures’ salaries. And pensions! Really swell pensions–you haven’t a prayer of getting anything even remotely comparable.

You are paying them to mock you.

Oh, these clever, clever, clever progressives! So much smarter than us plebs! They could just hug and kiss themselves all over! Imagine how stoopid we are, not wanting our 11-year-olds to read graphic descriptions of aberrant sex.

I’ll tell you what’s stupid. Paying these ghouls to corrupt your children, that’s stupid. Sending your kids to schools run by teachers’ unions, that’s stupid.

Once upon a time this “teacher” would have been run out of town. Now the best remedy would be an empty classroom. Pull your kids out of public education, and let it starve to death.

About that ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Thing…

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10% discount to school board members!

It was back in October that the National School Boards Assn. got cozy with The Regime and asked the, um, Justice Dept. to sic the FBI on parents who objected to school board policies–notably, Critical Race Theory “teaching,” transgender propaganda, unending mask mandates, and really filthy stuff in the school libraries. The group cited numerous “threats” against school board members, none of which have ever been carried out.

So they got the parents branded “domestic terrorists” and the FBI spying, a “safety advisory.” As of now, 26 state school board associations have disaffiliated themselves with the NSBA. That’s 24 to go.

Meanwhile, this is happening all over the country–rogue school boards turning on the communities that elect them, fund them, and pay the teacher pensions. Heck, they even pay the “educators” who come up with all this crapola in the first place. And they have no choice but to pay, because it comes out of their taxes! What a sweetheart deal for public education!

Has your local school board listed you as a domestic terrorist yet? Well, they won’t, as long as you keep your mouth shut, pay your taxes, and never complain about any of their zany “programs” aimed at turning your kid into Che Guevara Jr. Unless they get your whole town listed as being big in the domestic terror business.

How mad do we have to get before we put a stop to this?

How long would public education survive, once we took our children out of the schools?

How long would Far Left politics survive without the teachers’ unions?

Meanwhile they keep calling us racists, bigots, and now “domestic terrorists”–and who says we have to take it anymore?

Defund the FBI. Why should we pay them to spy on us? What kind of sense does that make?

Until we can get our act really together, swamp local school board elections with write-in votes for candidates who pledge to, and really will, get rid of all those crazy policies and fire Woke “school officials.” Like diversity and gender counselors. Fire them first.

It’s time we shoved Woke out of the airplane.

School Board Atrocity Roundup


Herod’s men are always ready to rock!

Chris Rufo has a news report on the latest examples of school boards trying to cow and intimidate parents who dissent from insane school board policies–including a real goody from Round Rock, Texas (https://www.city-journal.org/public-school-boards-against-parents).

Don’t think you’re safe just because you live in a red state like Texas. “Educators” and teachers’ unions are the same all over. They’re all Far Left crazy. And coast to coast, from sea to shining sea, they’re looking for brute force to turn on parents who question their evil and moronic policies–especially mask “Mandates,” Critical Race Theory, transgender propaganda, and filthy pornographic books in school libraries.

You know what our problem is? We, the American people, are governed by persons who really, truly, seriously don’t like us. They want to “fundamentally transform” our country, and public schools are a huge part of their plan. They won’t listen to us, they despise our most deeply-held beliefs, they laugh at us even when we’re looking right at them, and they think our American way of life has got to go.

And we let our children be “educated” by them? We need our heads examined!

The only sure way to drive these people back into the woodwork is to pull our children out of public school. Let’s see how long they can sustain “teaching” empty classrooms. Oh, sure, a few “progressives” will continue to send their kids there to learn Critical Race Theory–those few progs who don’t send their kids to ritzy private schools–but it won’t last for long.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

So What Happened in Scottsdale?

Arizona school board president kept sensitive personal information on  protesting parents, documents suggest | Fox News

So what’s with school boards lately?

In Scottsdale, AZ, last night, the school board president refused a request to resign, so the board stripped him of his title and gave it to someone else (https://www.thecentersquare.com/arizona/scottsdale-school-board-president-stripped-of-title-refuses-to-resign/article_916a5450-468f-11ec-8464-5b102402190f.html). He left the meeting without answering questions from reporters.

Jann-Michael Greenberg was removed as president of the board for the Scottsdale Unified School District because he and his father collected private information about parents who didn’t like the board’s policies. They made this information publicly accessible–parents’ Social Security numbers, divorce proceedings, finances, even family trees. They even hired private detectives to collect some of this private information.

Publicizing someone’s Social Security number would leave them open to identity theft and many other crimes. Consequently, the Scottsdale Police have made the Greenbergs’ activities the subject of a criminal investigation.

Greenberg first blamed the whole business on his father. Last night he blamed it on “bad actors.” No one believed him. Patty Beckman is the new school board president.

It seems the sticking point here was the board’s insistence on “mask mandates” for all  school children, despite opposition from some parents. Parents were also unhappy with “Critical Race Theory” (“All white people are no-good evil racists and everything wrong with America is their fault!”) being, er, “taught” to their children. Apparently the Greenbergs thought a little intimidation was in order.

Some of the parents would like the other school board members to resign, too. The Greenbergs compiled dossiers on some 50 parents. The other members knew about it but did nothing, some parents say.

Are we “transitioning” from being self-governing citizens of a constitutional republic to abject, downtrodden subjects of a tyrannical government accountable to no authority on earth?

We are going to have to fight for and win our freedom all over again. And this time without George Washington.

We’ve been warning you about “public education” for years–who listened?

Now they’re publishing your Social Security numbers. Had enough yet?

Pull your kids out of public education and let it die.

Bye-Bye to Loudon County School Board?

Anti-mask protesters storm Tucson school board meeting | Local news |  tucson.com

Parents in Loudon County, Virginia, now have more than enough signatures to recall the chair of their county board of education (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/11/loudoun-county-parents-show-school-board-meeting-enough-signatures-remove-board-chair/).

[Editor wonders: Are we still supposed to see these parents as “domestic terrorists”?]

In a loud and passionate public meeting this week, parents said they had more than 2,000 signatures on a recall petition and intended to remove from office the chair, two vice-chairs, and a member-at-large.

Hmm… Why do they want to do that?

Oh, little things! Like covering it up when a “trans” boy raped a girl in the high school rest room–and when he was transferred to another school, he did it again! But the only one arrested was the girl’s father. Little things like that. And Critical Race Theory “lessons.” And cheerleading for “transgender.” And packing the school libraries with pornography. And forcing kids to wear masks all day. Little things.

Remember when your school board members were your friends and neighbors, serving the community? Well, state and federal governments certainly changed that! Now they’re just another set of Far Left Crazy trying to “fundamentally transform” our country into a socialist hell-hole.

Public education must die. Whatever is wrong with our country, whatever is dysfunctional, whatever is just plain stupid–all the roads lead back to public education. That includes the colleges and universities.

We do not need to have our children “educated” by persons who hate us and despise our way of life.

May the Loudon County parents succeed in kicking their board members out of office.

But far more to the point would be to pull their children out of the public schools and give them a Christian education at home. This is the only thing that will confound the Far Left teachers’ unions.

Can Public Education Be Saved?

Protests at Springfield school board meeting over diversity training

My answer is, “Why bother?”

A reader has challenged my assertion that public education is deeply and irreparably tainted by anti-Christian leftism and that our only meaningful, effective recourse is to pull our children out of it. He has suggested that many more Christians should run for school board seats and, when elected, clean up the mess.

If only.

Let’s say you had a Christian school board. What would you be up against? State and federal Title This and Title That–and if you don’t comply, they’ll pull your funding… for starters. Teachers’ unions–for all practical purposes, communists. The courts: any atheist who sues you for mentioning Christmas can easily find an anti-Christian judge to lay some hurt on you. The ACLU is always just around the corner, waiting to pounce.

Forget about hiring Christian teachers: there aren’t that many of them, the teachers’ colleges weed them out.

In the long run, if you keep bucking the system, some government agency or other will abolish your board and take over the operation of your school district.

Well, then–shouldn’t we elect Christians to replace this army of government functionaries who make “education” what it is today?

Electing Christians–what about the millions of Americans who say they’re Christians but have no idea what they’re talking about? I mean Christians who have been “educated” by public schools and universities and have not grown out of it (in my case, that took 30 years).

“Saving” public education would require herculean efforts going on for years and years, fights wiith the teachers’ unions that would make the Trojan War look like a food fight in a cafeteria, fights with everybody else–and again, why bother?

There are more and more ways to get a quality education at home, more and more resources that grow more affordable, and better, every year.

How could any parents, educating their own children whom they love, possibly do a worse job than public school wackos committed to teaching Critical Race Theory, transgender, and anti-American pseudo-history?

Unless, of course, you want your kids to “learn” that schiff…

AZ School Board, Cops, Planned to Arrest Protesting Parents

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This really is getting out of hand.

Somehow, all throughout America, our local school boards turned into tyrants, almost all of them on the Far Left. They became representatives who don’t represent us anymore.

In Chandler, Arizona, leaked emails reveal that the local school board colluded with the police department to “monitor” the websites of parent groups and to arrest citizens who used the board’s next public meeting as an opportunity to protest mask “mandates” (https://americanmilitarynews.com/2021/11/az-school-board-cops-coordinated-to-spy-on-arrest-parents-opposed-to-crt-mask-mandates-report/).

The board and the cops–are you cops crazy, turning against normal people at the beck and call of these tinhorn stalinists?–also agreed to “monitor” parents who don’t like Critical Race Theory and don’t want it in their schools’ curriculum.

I say “their schools” tongue in cheek–because although the parents pay for the schools, every red cent, the schools are by no means “theirs.”

So… when they’re not sicking the FBI on us, they’re huddling with the local police and planning to bust anyone who doesn’t dance to their little commie tune. CRT? Transgender? What–you don’t like that stuff? Looks like you need some time in the cooler!

Again, the only meaningful and effective recourse we have against these wicked persons is to pull our children OUT of public schools. Let the union hacks preach CRT to empty classrooms. Let the elitists on the school board sell “transgender” to empty desks and chairs.

School your children at home! You can’t possibly do a worse job than these wackos hired by the schools.