Maine Mom Sues School Board For Hiding Her Child’s ‘Gender Transition’

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Look, Ma, no breasts! Ain’t public education wonderful!

By all means sue the school district for messing with your child’s life–sue them hard, and make it hurt. But for God’s sake, don’t leave your children in those public schools!

A Maine mother is suing her local school district for hiding her 13-year-old daughter’s “gender transition” (–school-wrong-to-help–hide-gender-transition#:~:text=A%20Maine%20woman%20is%20suing,and%20pronouns%2C%20without%20consulting%20parents.). She didn’t know anything about it until she had occasion to open her daughter’s dresser one day and found a “chest binder” in the drawer. For concealing the girl’s breasts, y’know: so she can pretend to be a boy. And they threw in a boy’s name and masculine pronouns to go with it.

Evil. Call it what it is–evil and insane. And it’s going on all over the country, too.

Can we ask the “school officials” (the usual suspects), “Why in heaven’s name do you want this?” Come on, let’s hear the answer! Why are they doing this? What purpose is it meant to serve?

But we’re not going to get an answer; and the only thing to do is to cut to the chase and pull America’s children OUT of public schooling. Nothing else will have the slightest impact.

Face it, the “educators” are not going to change their minds about this. The teachers’ unions won’t, either. Public education in America has become a monstrosity that must be put out of business. Before grandchildren become a subject for cryptozoology.

Isle of Man ‘Pauses’ Drag Queens in Grade School

What is the Life Cycle of a Chicken? — K&H Pet Products

Do chickens take better care of their young than we do?

It sounds like pushback… but only time will tell.

A grade school in the Isle of Man brought in a drag queen to teach the kiddies all about sex (… because who would know more about it than a galloping pervert? A child disputed the wacko’s claim that there are “73 genders.” “You’ve upset me,” said the perve, and ordered the child out of class. Kid, that was your good luck.

Parents got wind of the incident and got up a petition to the head teacher and the island’s Dept. of Education Etc. So the authorities decided to “pause”–not stop, not erase, but “pause,” whatever that means–sex education on the island, pending an “investigation.” If they find “Nope, nothin’ wrong here,” the drag queens and their 73 genders will be back.

Honk if you think anywhere is a better place for bringing drag queens into classrooms. I’m sure your reasoning would amaze me.

Wicked and Insane

The posters were reportedly part of an assignment to create a "safe space" for all students to "feel good and accepted," but commenters did not view the posters in a positive light.

Your school tax dollars at work!

Folks, we’d all better wake up and get busy, or we really are going to lose our country. God’s judgment is going to come down on us.

For instance:

A New Jersey mother who is also a member of her local school board (!) visited her child’s elementary school recently and was shocked to find the classroom decorated with posters “celebrating” every brand and permutation of aberrant sex you can think of. They had the kiddies, 7-year-olds, make these posters. The woman was shocked enough to write it up in a Facebook post.

Oops! A lieutenant colonel at a nearby military base happened to see the post, decided it was some kind of “safety concern”–these people are not all there–and sicced the police on her! (

The Air Force? The police? Because a school board member had the temerity to question what was going on in a school which her school board is supposed to be in charge of? God defend us! Did we wake up in Russia this morning?

We are up against people who are exceedingly powerful, wealthy beyond our power to imagine, totally unrestrained by laws of God or man, and who are hammering our whole civilization, our whole human species, with insane and wicked policies which can only lead to destruction and death.

But if we stand with God, then He will stand with us.

Yes, we’re “little people”! Yes, we do not have power and wealth. It doesn’t matter. We must do whatever we can to oppose this madness. No matter how little and ineffective it appears to be, we must ALL do what we can.

Suggestion: Pull all the kids out of all the public schools and watch the Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions, and their political sponsors, shrivel up and die.

Is ‘Education’ Really Going Crazy?

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Is it us, finally seeing what was there all along? Or has “education” really and truly run right off the rails in just the past few years?

I pose that as a question to my readers. What do you think? ‘Cause I can’t quite decide what I think. Sometimes one way, sometimes the other, and sometimes both.

They are pushing “transgender” like they’ve gotta get it done or die tomorrow. They are fomenting racial animosities. They are grooming children, some of them as young as kindergarten, for sex. Crikey! What kind of people have they got coming out of the teachers’ colleges? And who’s teaching them?

It has begun to spill over into religious schools. But the public schools are lost, broken beyond repair. As long as teachers’ unions stand in the way, the schools will never be fixed–not even a band-aid. Our only practical alternative is homeschooling. Pull the kids out and watch the public schools go bust. Convert the buildings to some other use. Let the former teachers’ union wackos pump gas or sweep the floor at the 7-11.

Yes. I’m afraid “education” really is as bad as it looks.

SloJo to Teachers: Kids Are ‘Yours’

Should Joe Biden Even Bother Talking To Fox News?

Whose children, Joe?

What do you say when a word like this comes out of a wooden head like SloJo Biden’s as if it were an oracle? Addressing a “teachers of the year” event, weird old Joe came out with this:

“They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re yours when you’re in the classroom” (

“They’re yours.” The horror, the horror… As one public school teacher in Michigan put it recently, before he wound up on “administrative leave,” “F*** the parents. I’m your parents now.”

See, that’s what they really think, these wackos who come swarming out of the teachers’ colleges. They think they have a right to groom your children for sex. And they devote a great deal of time and energy to that. More and more sane and decent people leave the teaching profession, to be replaced by the mutants you could see on “Libs of TikTok,” bragging about all the sex-talk they unload on the children in their classrooms.

This has the full blessing and support of the Democrat Party. The party is in an incestuous relationship with the teachers’ unions. Really, it’s disgusting.

“They’re yours.” That says it all. Parents, these people despise you, hate you, want to undermine your families and tear down your country. (Yeahbut, yeahbut! What about those 81 million phantoms who voted for Joe? Isn’t it mostly their country?)

The battle lines are drawn. Either we win, and save our republic, or they win and we lose everything.

And first we lose our children.

A Truly Bizarre Nooze Story

This is one of the weirdest damned nooze stories I ever heard, and that’s why I’m giving Tucker Carlson 13 minutes to explain it to you.

Hey! What would parents think if they could actually see and hear some of the nutballs who are “teaching” their children in the public schools? Well, some unidentified woman collected video that the teachers themselves posted publicly on TikTok and elsewhere: she then posted the collection, dubbed “Libs of TikTok”–and the Far Left Crazy went ballistic.

This is “a campaign to intimidate” wacko leftid teachers–how dare she? Never mind that this was material that the “teachers” themselves posted (it comes across as bragging–“Look what we can get away with!”) because they wanted their friends and cohorts to see it.

There ensued a witch hunt for the creator of “Libs of TikTok.” (Have we mentioned that TikTok is an agency of the Chinese Communist Party?) The Washington Post, which was once, long ago, a newspaper, led the hunt. Finally some “hate speech tracker” discovered the woman’s identity so they could loose the dogs on her and her family.

Finding her was a major operation, funded by the “Prototype Fund.” Gee, who are they? Well, it’s an agency set up by… you won’t believe it… German intelligence! They funded an organized campaign to crush an American citizen in America. Were they supposed to be our allies or something?

The Washington Post then had some gonk named Taylor Lorenz mobilize leftids against the now-identified woman; but this produced an unexpected backlash against poor l’il Taylor. See her break down into tears over people doing to her exactly what she first did to others! You just gotta love it.

So it’s not bad enough we have the toweringly corrupt Biden administration trying to make our minds right. Now we’ve got foreign intelligence agencies joining in.

Well, it’s too bad! The cat’s out of the bag, the horse is stolen from the barn–millions of Americans now know, based on what you yourselves have said, where a lot of you “teachers” are coming from and where you want to take our children. You groomers can run, but now you can’t hide.

The woman who unmasked them deserves a medal and a statue.

Groomers Take Aim at New Jersey Schools

It's Perfectly Normal: A Book about Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and  Sexual Health by Robie H. Harris

This “sex ed” textbook, which “teaches” that every possible sexual activity is “perfectly normal,” is now 20 years old.

[Thanks to Georgia for the nooze tip]

I have covered, in person, several New Jersey “sex education” conferences. It’s depressing work; but at least I know that the groomers have been working on this for years.

Starting this September, the groomers in our public schools are set to lay a whole new “sex ed” curriculum on New Jersey’s children (–this one stressing “gender fluidity” more than they’re already pushing it.

As State Senator Holly Schepisi says, “I truly think New Jersey has lost its damn mind.”

Senator, they lost it years ago. Here’s a New Jersey sex ed conference I covered in 2011 (  It was pretty raunchy then. Imagine how much worse it’s gotten since.

What is the point of loading down 8-year-olds with masses of, ahem, “information” about aberrant sexual behavior? Libs and “teachers” hate it when you accuse them of being groomers–but what else can this possibly be? If they’re not preparing children to become sexual playthings, then what the dickens are they doing?

Forget about “reforming” public education: it’s too far gone for that.

What will work is to pull our children out of public schools and watch public education die.

Why Do You Send Your Kids to Public School?

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I can’t stand to illustrate this post with anything pertaining to its abysmal content. Here are a couple of happy puppies instead.

Well, now, look at that–another public school outrage. I thought they only popped up on days that end with “y”.

This one’s from a middle school in Kinnelon, New Jersey: where they had lessons on transgender hormone “therapy” (God help us)–required for all, no opting out–an assembly featuring some wacko who’d had the hormone blockers–

And all of it without a word of notification to parents.

The superintendent of schools: “No comment.”

Don’t you think we now have more than enough examples of this kind of “education,” thousands of them, to err on the side of caution and simply not send your children to any public school, anywhere? How many of these examples do you need? They are pushing “transgender” on your children.

If everybody did what public “educators” say they should do, there’d be no human race. We would die out in just another two or three generations.

Public schooling, and especially the teachers’ unions and the teachers’ colleges, needs to be shut down. It’s killing our culture. We can’t afford it anymore. Why do we consent to our taxes being used to turn our children into lost souls?

Save our society. Kill public education.

My Newswithviews Column, March 24 (Without My Headline, ‘Culture Bombs’)

Toxic Schools: How to avoid them & how to leave them: Helen  Woodley, Ross Morrison McGill: 9781911382980: Books

Are your kids still in public school? Why?

Yippee! Teacher masturbating in front of class! Twice!

Yee-ha! Children’s hospital teaching little boys to “tuck” their private parts “out of the way” so it looks like they don’t have ’em!

A New Low: A Substitute Teacher Masturbating in Front of Class

Now I’m wondering if there’s too much damage done to our culture, ever to repair it. We wanted to live and let live, so years ago we eased up on sexual deviants. Now they’re telling us what to do–and you’re in hot water if you don’t Obey the Gay.

We have no hope of saving ourselves unless we do away with public “education.”

And just for the record: Every damnable bit of that culture-bombing has been done with the enthusiastic support of the Democrat Party.

Race-Based School Discipline–Oh, Boy!

See? All white liberals, doing the devil’s work

How good a job is public “education” doing of teaching kids that Everything Is Race?

Well, here we go–check out Washington. After the state legislature voted (!) to make Critical Race Theory (all whites are bad, all non-whites are oppressed) the foundation of school discipline policy, a school board voted to make the discipline itself race-based (

That means white kids get harsher penalties, non-white kids get easier ones, for the same offense.

White kids make up only 28% of the student body in this Clover Park district. But look at the school board–all white liberals! Does that stink to high heaven, or what? They passed this garbage, 3-2.

If you’re still sending your kids to a public school, why in God’s name are you doing that? Don’t you care what kind of toxic, racist poison they pump into children’s heads? I mean, they’re training kids to hate and fear each other, based on race. That’s what you’re getting for your school tax dollars.

Is that what you want?