A Pleasant Little Game

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(Trying to remember where he left his clothes…)

Here’s a pleasant little game you can play solitaire while standing outside the doctor’s waiting room until The View goes off the air. Or you can play it with your friends, or at a family gathering. You won’t even need a scratch pad: you can keep score with your fingers.

All you have to do is change one letter, just one, of a famous person’s name to create a whole new character. A few examples:

*Duke Snider is transformed from a Hall of Fame baseball player to “Dupe Snider,” perpetual patsy and fall guy. (Gee, that sounds like one of Byron’s TV shows.)

*Movie and TV star Donna Reed becomes “Donna Weed,” something you keep pulling out of your garden.

*Harry Belafonte not only gets his sex changed, but turns into an annoying scold as “Harpy Belafonte.”

*Flip Wilson transforms from a beloved comedian (“The devil made me do it!”) into a pest control technician, complete with spray can–“Flit Wilson.”

*Actress Demi Moore becomes long-distance trucker “Semi Moore.”

Jimmy Carter becomes–well, never mind, I’d better not go there.

Hey, this could be addictive! I’d better stop before I miss my afternoon movie.

Any suggestions for more?

8 comments on “A Pleasant Little Game

  1. Jimmy Canter — the jockey always coming in last because he can’t get his horse into a gallop. (And you though I was going to make a joke about the horse’s back end, didn’t you?)

  2. Tom Cruise becomes a helpful tablet for seasickness as Tum Cruise.
    Ron Reagan is brought back to enter the 2022 election as Run Reagan.
    Betty Davis takes an acting role to portray her real self as Bitty Davis.

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