Are You… ‘Influenced’?

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Sometimes I wonder why I listen to the radio, other than to take my mind off other things that trouble me. Our major talk radio station is mostly ads and promos.

Yesterday they were promoting some airhead as one of the great “influencers” on the Internet. Oh, mercy. She babbles. She simpers. Supposedly she influences people. To do what, I don’t know.

What happens to your brain, if you’re actually influenced by an “influencer”? Does it liquefy and run out your ears? Or does it just dry up into dust and blow away?

Some of these characters are teenagers. For a 55-year-old man or woman to be “influenced” by an 18-year-old is a shame.

Can anybody feel shame anymore?

3 comments on “Are You… ‘Influenced’?

  1. Apparently they don’t know any better since radio and tv are all they know. no reading

  2. Some of those young “influencers” are millionaires because of it. The Internet has turned out to be something that has taken the world on a hard left turn. Where has the church and its leadership been? – out to the rapture rug lunch. God has given us the Internet to promote the truth about the Kingdom of God and its King, Jesus. Christians had better hurry up and reconstruct a society and culture to vie for Satan’s with our own platforms, TV shows & shows, movies, music, businesses, foundations, think tanks, inventors and entrepreneurs.

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