We Have Lost Our Peep


Her tale is told,

Her song is sung;

To grief we’re sold:

What’s done is done.

There was was never a sweeter or more loving cat than Peep. She would have been 16 in May. But she was ill beyond the power of any medical treatment, and today we had her put to sleep. We tried everything else first.

Everyone you love dies, unless you die first. The only alternative is not to love; but we can’t live that way.

God help us, how we’ll miss her.

16 comments on “We Have Lost Our Peep

    1. You faced a dreadful task, and you did something that was very hard to do, but you did what had to be done. I can’t take away the hurt, and having been through just this sort of thing in the past, I know that the hurt is very great. Things will get better and you did the best that anyone could do under the circumstances.

  1. I’m sorry for your loss, Lee. I had a pet rabbit for 8 years that I lost, so I understand how that feels. I like to think we will see them again one day with us in heaven.

  2. Prayers for peace and comfort. I’ve been there several times, and I know how it feels.

  3. Those kinds of decisions are the hardest to make. And each time they need to be made, they never get easier. I am so sorry for your loss.

  4. When I didn’t see any emails from you I thought maybe you were taking a Sabbath rest, then when I saw none today I checked my spam folder and there were a bunch of them in there – why do they do this to me? So sad to hear about Peep – I believe you will see her in Heaven when your expiration date comes.

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