The End

Now we’re waiting for the vet to call us in to have Peep euthanized.

I don’t think I’m able to write anything else today. I think Christmas was the last good day we had. Then I got sick, Patty got sick, and then the cats got sick. And soon there will be only three of us here instead of four.

Anything else I might say at this time is probably better left unsaid.

13 comments on “The End

  1. I’m holding you and Patty in prayer. I know how hard this is. May the Good Lord sustain you and give you comfort. Amen.

  2. I’m so sorry. I know how it hurts and we never want to see our friends hurt. I understand, and prayers will continue.

    1. So it’s been a good thing for all involved. Without a caring pet owner, most cats live short lives. Peep has had a long, enjoyable life, thanks you and Patty. I know that this hurts and I can fully sympathize, but you’ve done as much as is humanly possible.

    1. Thank you. The one that is slowly fading has been with me for 14.5 years and is one of the sweetest cats God ever put on this planet.

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