‘Build Your Own Nuclear Power Plant!’ (2019)

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Who would have ever guessed, back in 2019, that the very next, um, “president” would sever the Keystone Pipeline and annihilate our energy independence? It was just about the first thing SloJo did! But then we always knew Democrats hate American energy independence. They’d rather take hat in hand and go begging tyrants to sell us some oil.

Build Your Own Nuclear Power Plant!

While we’re all saving up to buy electric cars, we can cut to the chase by building our own backyard nuclear power plants. China had the right idea, during the Great Leap Forward–backyard steel production!

Now that we have a Democrat in the White House, we can do a lot of things Red China does!

5 comments on “‘Build Your Own Nuclear Power Plant!’ (2019)

  1. We’ve been doing a lot of what Red China does lately — tyranny, cancelations, silencing and jailing of dissidents, etc. And we’ve been doing organ harvesting from living and unwilling people as well, mostly from babies in the womb but also from not-quite-dead patients who can be declared “brain dead” and then vivisected.

    Bur wait … shouldn’t all that be called “cultural appropriation” and banned as xenophobic or something?

    1. Our esteemed colleague Heidi has written a book about “harvesting” organs from the living.

      Have you ever read or heard Thomas Friedman rhapsodizing about the wonderfulness of the Chinese communist way of doing things?

  2. When Biden was debating Bernie Sanders he unequivocally stated as president he would stop all fossil fuel drilling, so it was no surprise he uses climate change as the excuse to do so. When is someone going to expose the electric car hoax? If you live in the North the cold effects the battery to the point the farmers and dairy people are crippled – plus it will be more expensive for everyone.

    1. Not to mention the drain on the power grid to charge all those batteries, the need to import the rare earth metals to make the batteries, the burden on the environment to dispose of used batteries, and so on. Oh, and the fossil fuels necessary to provide electricity for the batteries, since wind and solar don’t work very well under cloud or snow cover or during still air conditions.

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