They’ve Stolen an Hour

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Here we go again, spending the rest of the year chasing the hour they stole from us today–and never catching it.

Is there any reason at all why we still do Daylight Savings Time? They steal our freedom, they steal the fruits of our labor–do they have to steal our time, too?

Now we’re all an hour late before we start.

6 comments on “They’ve Stolen an Hour

  1. I read a book about DST a while back. The history of this practice is one of conflict and political wrangling. Manipulating time has been used for political, social and commercial purposes, pretty much ever since rail lines and the telegraph made time synchronization a practical necessity. The problem has usually been a matter of local practices versus national practices.

    When I was a child, living in a Northern Tier state, I loved DST, because it made evenings into long, beautiful hours of daylight, so I could ride my bike and do all of the other outdoor activities I enjoyed. Currently, however, I live in a state which does not practice DST, and this adds confusion to my work life and to keeping in contact with friends and relatives in other states. In a time when international phone calls are a daily event and out of state calls are more common than in-state calls, it’s a giant hassle, for no real reason. Just as the rails and telegraph lines affected time keeping, global communications have made timekeeping more critical than ever, and “advanced time” has no place in this world. I have no problem with businesses changing their hours of operation as the seasons change, if that helps their operations, but these days, calculating inter time zone communications has become a real headache.

  2. When America was an agrarian society it saved energy, but now that we aren’t it costs energy. There is no will to change it – but Arizona did it so why not the rest of us?

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