‘Stupid Masterminds!’ (2012)

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Here’s a stupid thing imposed on us by stupid government–monkeying around with the time, and calling it Daylight Savings Time–when all it is, is getting up 20 minutes early and find yourself already 40 minutes late.

Stupid Masterminds!

Fictional villains can’t afford to be big stupid idiots. Readers wouldn’t stand for it. Prof. Moriarty has to be at least as smart as Sherlock Holmes or you don’t have a story. All you have then is The Swamp.

They’re Doing It to Us Again…

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There are many scientific studies, including one from the government’s own Center for Disease Control, declaring that Americans don’t get enough sleep (https://www.wsj.com/articles/americans-dont-get-enough-sleep-cdc-study-finds-1455818427). In fact, says the CDC, fully one-third of us is sleep-deficient: less than seven hours of sleep a night poses a risk to one’s health.

So what is that same government preparing to do to us this weekend?

Why, take away an hour of our sleep, of course!

Yes, it’s Daylight Savings Time again, which means we have to turn our clocks ahead an hour tonight and then, for the next week or so, be short on sleep or else be late for everything.

Is this really stupid, or what?

Bad enough we have neighbors aiming floodlights at our bedroom windows, sedentary jobs that wear us out without benefit of exercise, and a disintegrating culture to stress us out. On top of all that, they’ve got to take away an hour of our sleeping time.

Why don’t they spare us this? Is this just another one of those things that government does because it’s done it for so long, everyone’s forgotten the reason for it–if there ever was one–and nobody thinks anymore, they just freakin’ do it?

Yeah, probably.

I Want My Hour Back!

Can I please have my hour back?

This Daylight Savings Time is just brutal. I didn’t mind it when I was 12, but now it really gets to me. You hustle out of bed in the morning and you’re already an hour late.

What is the purpose of this, anymore? Does anybody know? It gives you jet lag without the jet. I keep feeling like I’m about to fall asleep.

Is there any reason for government to impose this on us every year? But then they’re not all that big on reason, are they?

I just hope I don’t wind up face-down in my supper.

P.S.–And now a sick or injured sparrow has turned up on our sidewalk. My wife almost stepped on it. What to do, what to do…

By Request, ‘Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior’

No, I’m not missing from action today. But one of my hours sure is! Could we please not bother with Daylight Savings Time anymore?

But onto something more edifying–this gospel song, for instance: Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior, with echoes of Psalm 73.

Again I invite all of you to join in–request a hymn, and I’ll post it here. Don’t be shy. This is an evil age in a fallen world, and we need to sing louder. God will hear us.

The Last of the Dodos–Daylight Savings Time


We don’t have dodo birds anymore because they were too stupid to survive . But we do have Daylight Savings Time, which is why I’m running late today and can never catch up. Of course the dodos were innocent, defenseless creatures who couldn’t help going extinct when humans came along and fundamentally transformed their environment. Daylight Savings Time, by contrast, is the purposeful creation of stupid and arrogant people.

Too bad we can’t trade in DST for the dodo.

God gave us perfectly serviceable days and nights, and the flop-eared knaves in government had to tinker with them. Actually, the days and nights are beyond their reach; so what they’re really tinkering with is… us! “Hey! Let’s take away an hour of their sleep and see what happens!”

Too bad we can’t trade in DST’s enablers and promoters for the dodos. I would defy any ten thousand dodos to do a tenth of the harm done by any single U.S. Senator.

Woodrow Wilson was a big fan of DST; in fact, he vetoed legislation to do away with it. Woodrow Wilson also said the purpose of education was to make a son as unlike his father as possible. What an ass.

They can’t speed up or slow down the movements of the sun and the earth, as decreed by God.

All they can do is foul up our schedules–and to what purpose, who knows?