This Dog Understands Plain English

I don’t know if dog obedience training ever gets around to “Why don’t you show the neighbors your nice new bone?” But that’s what the owner said, and that’s what this delightfully obliging dog did.

Dogs and cats can understand us. Once I said to Buster, “Your sister (Missy) is looking like she needs some exercise. What don’t you chase her up the stairs?” So he hopped down from the cabinet and did just that.

Maybe they just read our minds.

3 comments on “This Dog Understands Plain English

  1. I think they do read our minds. I know this female Aussie does. I very quietly pick up a cracker from the platter on the table while she is sleeping like a log, and the moment I touch the cracker, she is off that couch, at my heels, and demanding a cracker.

  2. Our animals are pretty smart, IMO, a lot more smart than we give them credit for. I had a very unusual situation with my cat today. I was repairing a guitar and she insisted on biting the strings as I removed them. Then she went after the wiring inside the guitar, then tried to bite the pickguard, then the headstock. This was a contest of wills, and she was letting me know that she was angry that I wouldn’t let her play with the removed strings. She knew that I would value the guitar and she never actually bit, but she let me know that she could damage something any time she wanted. It wasn’t play. What gets me, is that she knew what I wanted and she was letting me know that she didn’t have to comply with my wishes. I learned something today.

  3. Of course they read our minds. How else would they know we’re thinking of taking them to the vet in time for them to run and hide before we even make a move to get their carriers?

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