They’ll Drive You Screaming Mad

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“Say, where’s Lee been all morning?”

Let us answer that.

Patty’s car needs a tow. We call up the auto club and arrange for one. “Inside an hour,” we are told, “he’ll call you when he gets there.”

This turns out to be Godot’s Lying Bastard Road Service. I have lost over two hours of my work day, waiting for them. All they do is lie. “Within the hour” was recast as “five or ten minutes.” Then that evolved into “Fifteen minutes, he’ll call you.” Finally I went to the supermarket, bought our week’s supply of groceries, came back home… and still no call. Patty called them. Oh, it’s lunch time! They took the phone off the hook.

Where can I get a job where all you have to do is fog a mirror? Has King COVID erased America’s work ethic–or did public schooling already do it for us?

So the car’s not towed, my work’s not done, and I am exceedingly cheesed off.

7 comments on “They’ll Drive You Screaming Mad

  1. Maybe it’s time to call HQ and explain sweetly that if you can’t get towing service from the auto club there’s really no point in paying dues … is there, now? … hmmm?

  2. It is good business to under promise so when you deliver early you look that much better. It is like dealing with children’s requests – you first say no because you can always change it to a yes, but if you say yes there is no way they are going to let you change it to a no.

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