Priceless Hypocrisy

Image: Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo, The Robin Hood Foundation's 2015 Benefit

The Cuomo brothers! Flee for the exits…

Contemplating this nooze item, words almost fail me.

At issue, “journalistic integrity.” At loggerheads, two parties for whom journalistic integrity is as remote as the farthest star. Chris Cuomo vs. CNN–a steel cage match! (

Cuomo says that, in firing him, CNN has also been “smearing” his journalistic integrity. This is like shooting centaurs out of season. He wants $125 million in damages. Boy Howdy.

CNN says Cuomo, by spouting so many lies on the air–especially lies about his bro, then-NY Gov. Andrew “America was never that great” Cuomo–he damaged CNN’s reputation. Its journalistic integrity, if you like.

Crikey, I can actually feel brain cells shriveling up and dying as I read this schiff! You’ll find the Seven Cities of Gold before you find the most microscopic trace of journalistic integrity at CNN. It’s down below there with the kraken. It’s hiding out with the brownies.

It is whispered around the campfire that once upon a time, long, long ago, a leftid–on purpose, no less!–told the truth about something and instantly perished by spontaneous combustion. They couldn’t even find his coke spoon.

Journalistic integrity. Holy cow. I never, ever dreamed they could inflate hypocrisy to such dimensions.


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