CNN Doom Watch

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“I didn’t get where I am today without knowing that our sales are in the tank!”

Another day goes by and CNN is still here? Who’d have thought it?

They went all out to cover the Democrat kangaroo court trying to turn the Jan. 6 trespasses into an “insurrection”–and during the hottest week of the (ahem!) “hearings,” June 13-19, CNN’s viewership went down 13%! Ouch.

The new management has been trying to re-brand CNN as an actual news network, but it’s been tough sledding so far: years’ and years’ worth of bad reputation to overcome. The last time CNN tried to deliver straight news, the wheel was being invented.

CNN displays all the symptoms of a flatline Protestant church whose members are fleeing gay “weddings,” gender affirmation ceremonies, and all the rest of that pseudo-Christianity. It’s too late to save it. And why should we bother to try?



Bonus Video: A Weird Meow

This cat sounds like a CNN spokesman trying to explain what happened to CNN+. Don’t try too hard, Fluffy: you’ll only drive yourself nuts.

I’ve had cats that chattered. I had a mouse who used to climb onto the water bottle and chatter angrily at her babies, who wanted to keep on nursing well after it was time to move on.

Maybe we could make a contest out of it. “The cat is chattering so weirdly because _______” (fill in the blank and win a used jet ski).

Oh, wait… Is he auditioning for something?

Priceless Hypocrisy

Image: Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo, The Robin Hood Foundation's 2015 Benefit

The Cuomo brothers! Flee for the exits…

Contemplating this nooze item, words almost fail me.

At issue, “journalistic integrity.” At loggerheads, two parties for whom journalistic integrity is as remote as the farthest star. Chris Cuomo vs. CNN–a steel cage match! (

Cuomo says that, in firing him, CNN has also been “smearing” his journalistic integrity. This is like shooting centaurs out of season. He wants $125 million in damages. Boy Howdy.

CNN says Cuomo, by spouting so many lies on the air–especially lies about his bro, then-NY Gov. Andrew “America was never that great” Cuomo–he damaged CNN’s reputation. Its journalistic integrity, if you like.

Crikey, I can actually feel brain cells shriveling up and dying as I read this schiff! You’ll find the Seven Cities of Gold before you find the most microscopic trace of journalistic integrity at CNN. It’s down below there with the kraken. It’s hiding out with the brownies.

It is whispered around the campfire that once upon a time, long, long ago, a leftid–on purpose, no less!–told the truth about something and instantly perished by spontaneous combustion. They couldn’t even find his coke spoon.

Journalistic integrity. Holy cow. I never, ever dreamed they could inflate hypocrisy to such dimensions.


CNN Sinking Fast, Fast, Fast!

Here's 5 Ways You Can Spot a Sinking Ship – Finance Monthly | Monthly  Finance News Magazine

Do Svidanya, Comrades!

Last year in the first week of January, CNN had 2.7 million viewers.

This year, in the first week of January… 580,000. Ulp! A loss of 90% of its audience (

And in that all-important 25-54-year-old demographic, CNN’s viewership is down some 86%.

CNN has been sort of the flagship of the Far Left Democrat B.S. Nooze Media. Its precipitous lost of popularity has been attributed to a growing perception that the network is full of perverts. Then again, it is a Far Left network and there just aren’t that many Far Left Crazies among the American people as a whole. CNN’s audience is self-limiting.

Somehow this micro-audience has seized control of our country and its institutions.

Let’s pray the whole bubbling mess follows CNN into oblivion.

Noozies’ Lament: ‘Sexism’ Sank Warren

Image result for images of elizabeth warren pocahontas

[Editor’s note: It’s my intention that this will be the only post I make about politics today. I don’t want to chase away my readers.]

Gee, what’s not to like about Elizabeth Warren? Compulsive liar who always gets caught. Fraud and race hustler: “hire me because I’m a Native American!” Supports open borders, transgender, Green New Deal, and all the other lunatic public policies sponsored by Democrats and feared and hated by normal people. And a world-class waffler: was her “Medicare for All” project ever the same for two days in a row?

But according to the alleged nooze network CNN, none of that mattered, not one little bit. Warren only lost in the Democrat primaries because… of sexism! People didn’t vote for her because she’s a woman! ( You heard it on the TV nooze!

As if this weren’t bizarre enough, the nits at CNN waited till 3:30 in the morning (!) to launch into their denunciation of sexist Democrat voters who refused to vote for Pocahontas Warren. Who did they think was watching CNN at 3:30 in the morning?

Again: do these people, these identity politics idiots, have any idea of what a president is, or what a president is supposed to do? Do they think a presidential election is only held to provide some kind of validation for their whiny, entitled, self-important group–like every bunch of whiners gets a turn to own the White House?

You put the wrong person in the White House, and millions of people suffer. Maybe they die, or maybe they just lose everything. Maybe it’s another country that the incompetent president trashes. Or maybe he trashes America, following this or that psychotic public policy dreamed up by liberals. Even a good person, with better than average wits, experienced advisers, and all the good intentions in the world, can make a hash of the presidency. That’s how hard a job it is. So you don’t turn it over to some chipmunk just because she looks like you.

But these are noozies, these are liberals, and they hate America and want to “transform” it into God forbid we ever find out what.